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my mother is amazing.

I've been having some awful jaw pain (i had tmj for a bit and i think it's flaring up again) and DH has been so exhausted from work (they're pretty much punishing the whole station b/c of a lot of bs that's been going on... long story) that when we went to my parent's house last night, we were a mess.  My mother insisted that Abby spend the night at her house so we could go home, i could take my strong strong pain killer, and we both could sleep a full night.  So, since my mom is a 1 minute drive away from us, we took her up on the offer.  We slept an entire night of uninterrupted sleep!  It felt soooo good.  I just called my  mom, though, worried and guilty that my mom didn't sleep, that Abby woke her up at 2:30 and 5:30 like she does for us, and my mom said "nope, she's still sleeping.  Fell asleep at 10:30 and hasn't woken up since.  Noisy sleeper, though."

WTH???  How does my mom do it?!?!?  When DH was pulling two 48 hour shifts, I stayed the night at my mom's because Abby was only a month old and I didn't feel comfortable beign alone for 96 hours.  And one of those nights Abby slept in my mom's room, nd she slept the entire night!  She refuses to do this for us.  I need to figure out what it is that she does.  It's crazy!

Re: my mother is amazing.

  • grandma's love lol

    thats all it is...j/k

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  • She's putting cereal in her bottle! :) LOL JK I went 4 months withoug a STTN so consider yourself lucky! ;) Maybe Abby will do it with you all very soon! I hope so!
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  • imagetna673:
    She's putting cereal in her bottle! :) LOL JK I went 4 months withoug a STTN so consider yourself lucky! ;) Maybe Abby will do it with you all very soon! I hope so!

    Abby's actually been on cereal for a month!  She still hasn't sttn!!  In fact, we started cutting out the amount of cereal to see if she could handle the formula without throwing up.  lol  I have no idea what's going on.   My mother is magic.

  • Grandma love.  LOL  MIL does the same w/ nephew.  LOL

    About TMJ - SUCKS!  I suffer from it too.  I hadn't had any flair ups in a while... but the past few wks have been bad.  I thought it was stress, and went back to using my mouthpiece.  But maybe it has been the change in weather! 

    Anyway, mine is caused by a bad alignment of the jaw.  My dentist has me wearing a mouthpiece (at first, 24 hrs a day - once it got better, only to bed).  Honestly, it really does help and got my bit realigned.  My dentist is awesome!  If you want, I can give you the info.  He sees quite a few clients w/ TMJ.

    -- Jackie
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  • Im so happy you got a good night's rest!!!!

    Your mom said Abby was a "noisy sleeper..." Maybe you hear these noises with your mommy ears, go in, and pick her up thinking shes awake while your mom didn't pick Abby up and she kept sleeping?

    I won't pick Nadia up out of that crib unless her eyes are OPEN. Sometimes she does fuss and cry in her sleep, but I stnd by the crib and wait. After a bit, she'll stop and I will go right back to my bed! ;-)

  • Oh- and one day, Abby will say "my mother is amazing!" too! ;-)
  • That's really nice and caring about your mom. I'm glad you and DH were able to get some shut eye and no one else lost sleep :) Abby is a great baby!!!
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