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Daycare Question...

Hi, ladies!  It looks like my DH is accepting a job offer in Houston, so we're going to be moving to your neck of the woods.  I was just wondering if you could tell me how hard it is to find daycare for a toddler in Houston.  Also, can you give me a rough estimate of the monthly or weekly tuition?  We are moving in March and I will need daycare starting in August. 

It's next to impossible to get into a good center here in San Diego.  All of the centers I was really comfortable with had waitlists, so Zachary has been staying with a babysitter. 

Thanks :)

Re: Daycare Question...

  • Do you know what part of town yet?  We pay $950/month.  Previous daycare was $1050, I think.  This is pretty reasonable in my area, but I'm close to downtown, so may be less farther out.  Post again in you have a specific area, we're a helpful group!  Good luck! 

  • I think it really depends on where you plan on living and what type of daycare setting you are looking for (daycare, in-home, private nanny, shared nanny, church daycare, mother's day out, etc).
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  • Thanks, ladies.  I don't know what area of town we'll be living in yet.  We'll be in corporate housing for about four months while we look for a house.  I am not going to need daycare until August, so I guess I have time to look around!
  • Yeah, I would say average daycare will be around 800-1200/month. 

    I was also going so say that Zachary Alan was on our list of names for the baby!  :-)  I think we are still going with Zachary, though - but Zachary Joseph. 

  • I am down in the Clear Lake area and we are looking into Grace Community church. My guy is 7 weeks old and it was going to be $185 a week.
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