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Hey girl! I am 27 weeks. I am doing ok. The nausea stopped, but my reflux is beyond terrible. I really can't wait to get this over with and see her. Luciano is excited, but I can tell sometimes he feels a little like "what the heck?" I go fro3 my 3d sonogram on Fri. I'll let you know how it goes. Tell me all about you......How is David taking it. BTW...Know any good caterers for brunches that arent that expensive. Need one for the shower. Talk to you soon.    

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  • Hey! I'm glad you are doing better! So far, I havent had any m/s yet and I hope I wont. The only bad thing is that I've gainned 20 lbs in three months. I know, it's scary! Preetty soon I'm going to be rolling! Me tengo que aquantar la boca. Prenatal vitamins were making me extremely hungry, so I had to chenged them. Davisito is doing great! He is very excited about being a big brother. I feel bad for him cause he has a hard time understanding that we need to wait nine months to see the baby.

    I personally dont know of any caterers, but I contacted my friend who knows of one and she says the lady is really good. I'm waiting for the email with the lady's number. As soon as I get it, I'll page you. Btw, where are you having your shower? I'm looking for a place for mine. 

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