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What cute new thing....

...is your baby/toddler up to these days?!


Come on everyone...brag on your kid for a bit! (one or two things will suffice...LOL)


Re: What cute new thing....

  • K's newest thing is spelling her name. She says K-E-N-D-E-L (with the last L sometimes being said, and sometimes not). Yes, she says E instead of A at the end...we are working on that! LOL But it is so cute!
  • he can walk.. He is so proud of himself....

    not so cute..  He has learned to throw a full on temper tantrum..  He seems to do it frequently...

  • I posted below about her saying her lamb's name (Lucy). DH just realized this morning, however, that she is also calling Lily (our cat) Lucy. Oops.

    She has also mastered the fake cough. DH has a cold and Natalie is so good at throwing out sympathy coughs. And she thinks it's hysterical!



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  • M now gives you kisses - well, only to momma because I'm the only person in the world who can say "kissy kissy kisses" in the right tone of voice.  But she opens her mouth and gives a big lick Stick out tongue
  • truitt can count to 5. he can almost count to 10, but skips 6-8. lol

    the talking is just getting crazy. he tells elaborate stories and uses a lot of hand gestures. like mama, like turtle i guess..

    my fave thing he says right now is "lube." it comes out more like "yoobe" and it refers to the heavy cream i put on for his exczema. the other day i said "come here. i need to lube you up" and now he picks up the tub and say "mama, yoobe." so stinkin cute!

  • oh and i HAVE to add one more thing:

    when we go out to eat and tehy bring food/drinks to the table, he says "thank you" on his own with no prompting!! good boy!!

  • Amelia screams BYE at the top of her lungs...over, and over, and over again.  She's learning so many new words and I love hearing her say them, ball, chair, more, mine, me, etc.
  • I'm sure it will be annoying soon, but right now its so cute!  Julia gets jealous when Elena sits on my lap!  As soon as Elena comes for cuddles, Julia runs up and grabs my leg and does the whole "eh eh eh eh" thing!  For so long, we've been dealing with Elena's jealousies that its pretty cute that Julia's doing it back. 


    And Elena's imagination just kills me.  She asked me yesterday how her Ariel doll was made.  I responded with a very informative 'I don't know." (I *was* driving.)  So she answered her own question:  "I know Mommy!  The mermaid workers make the Ariel toys!  And they paint her bra purple and tail green and use red and clear and everything!"  Hee -- mermaid workers!

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  • K spells his first and last name and can tell you where her lives. He's also a wiz on the computer!
  • Addie can count to 10 too, but leaves out seven.

    We tried to scare the hiccups out of her the other day with a big BOO but she thinks it's hysterical. so she'll do it to us. sometimes over and over, like boo boo boo boo boo and then collapse in giggles.

    and she wakes up talking about her candyland game, she'll bring it to me in bed. If matt says he's going to play his videogame she follows him and makes him play hers first.

    and when ever anyone comes in she says "Hi, nice see you!" we call her the greeter.

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  • Feet have become fascinating to DD
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  • both cute and not.... maddy's new favorite word is "noooo"... it's not so cute when she says it and i really want her to do something but it *is* so cute bc she says it & pouts out her itty bitty little lips!
  • Joshua labels everything.  He has to tell you the name of everything.  He is also counting in chunks.  3,4,5...7,8,9 and saying the alphabet in chunks H,I,J...Q,R,S.

    Gabriel rolls in both directions and sucks his thumb.

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  • Owen recognizes his numbers (but sometimes confuses 7 for 1) and counts 1 to 10 - occasionally starting again midway and counting in chunks along the way - so funny. ?He also randomly bursts in to the ABC song at different times - almost always starting with "EFG".

    He did a forward roll by himself for the first time a couple of weeks ago and is so proud of himself! ?If only I could get him to always start with a big open space ahead of him!?

  • Sweetness isn't mine but she's doing plenty of cute new things!  She loves to say "fart" quite clearly when someone does it, including herself.  She also loves to yell "Bye Bye!" at the top of her lungs.  She finally learned to (kind of) say my name.  She said "I done" at the end of dinner tonight, which I hadn't heard before.  And it seems like she's saying 20 new words a day.  Hooray!  Well ,no "hooray" for the fact that one of her favorite newer words is "mine".  Stick out tongue
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  • Landon babbles momma its so cute because I am bound and determined for him to say momma first ! He also grabs my face and gives me kisses.

    He has mastered the fake cough and the biting makes my crazy !

  • Connor says "yea" instead of yes to just about anything you ask him. He does it in this little sing-song sort of way. It comes out like "yay-ah." He knows what "no" means, but still answers most questions like this. 

    He has started calling our dogs by name which is cute too and he tells them "no" if they are trying to get his food or are in his way.

    He's been riding around on his little tricycle he got for Christmas and making "vroom vroom" sounds as he goes.

  • Kian's starting to use phrases a lot more - normally where did it go?... dogs, dogs, where did they go?  where did milk go?  where did daddy go?  We're constantly on the hunt!  Its also helping to reassure me a lot because I've been concerned that he isn't much of a speaker.  With phrases I can regognize one or two words out and figure out that he is trying on the rest of the words.
  • just wanted to add one more thing--

    when i say to maddy "i love you!" - she tries to repeat after me, except it totally comes out sounding like "i know!"

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