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how much was your MDO registration fee?

Not the tuition, just the one-time registration fee.

It is nearly $200 at the church we attend, but at a church 1/2 block from our house, it is only $25 (bummer that they don't have any openings). Just wondering what is more the norm.



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Re: how much was your MDO registration fee?

  • For summer, it's $65, for fall/spring, it's $150.  Summer is much less because they only do June and July, but the $150 for the school year includes both semesters.  I think that's fairly normal and pretty reasonable.  I would say the $25 fee is abnormally low - that is a bummer that they don't have any openings!

  • I *believe* it was $75.  not entirely positive though.
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  • It's one month's tuition for the entire year.  So, for Sarah it was $350. 

    For summer only it's $50

  • ours is $165 for the fall/spring semester.
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  • I don't recall paying a registration fee for the MDO the girls attend.  There was one for Sarah's preschool....I believe it's $125 annually.


  • $100 registration fee and a $100 "material fee"...  I didn't know about the material fee until the sent me a bill for it...
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