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CA SDI benefit info question

I'm due with #2 shortly and will be on short-term disability with the state for my maternity leave.  I did the same with my DD but I have a question.  I somehow missed out on a week of paid leave with DD.  I think it is because the date of disability was the date I gave birth and you get paid for six weeks after date of delivery BUT there is a one-week waiting period.  So, I actually only got 5 weeks paid leave.  Is there anyway around this?  I wonder if my doc would sign that the disability started one week before I give birth, then I would be entitled to the entire six weeks after birth?  I'm not sure if my doc would do that but it is legit as I have a really long commute.

Not trying to scam the system at all; just seems odd that it says you get paid for six weeks but then there is a week waiting period (so really it's 5 weeks) if you use delivery date as disability date.

I am not super concerned about taking that week before I deliver off unpaid because I think my employer would give me a check for my vacation later if we needed it.  Just more trying to maximize the benefits I'm entitled to. 

That is of course if they aren't issuing IOUs for this too.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Re: CA SDI benefit info question

  • If you go out of work oneeek before you are due, that is your waiting period and then you get the 6 weeks after (8 weeks for a c-section).  You are then entitled to 6 weeks of Paid Family Leave (they automatically send you the paperwork when you get your last disability check).
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