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Pediatrician KOP or Main Line recommendations?

I'm 26 weeks pregnant with our first, and we're starting to look for a pediatrician. Any recommendations for docs in the KOP/Radnor/Wayne area? Why would you recommend him/her?

Re: Pediatrician KOP or Main Line recommendations?

  • If you wouldn't mind traveling to Exton, Great Kids is awesome. We love Dr. Simonowitz!
  • We go to KOP Pediatrics and like them a lot.

    We see Dr. Niami. He is very very much like i am-- very laid back and use common sense. He is NOT going to give you an 'exact science' to anything with babies. babies are not exact science. so if you are looking for a pediatrician that is going to tell you to feed your child 3oz of purreed peas with two tablespoons of oatmeal at 10am on the third wednesday of the month-- and then put baby down for a nap exactly 1 hour later-

    you are not going to get that with Dr. Niami. Every baby is different. he is very relaxed and will guide you with basic stuff- however if you need you need your hand held with every little thing a different doc would be better.

    I love him

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