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recommendation for a Scripps OB?

Hello!  Do any of you recommend any of these doctors at Scripps Rancho Bernardo?  Any information you have for me is appreciated because I have to choose one!!  thanks!

Cross, Gerilyn
Edwards, Charles
McNeely, Kevin
Salzetti, Ronald
Sowa, Gail
Beaumont, Michael
Willems, John

Re: recommendation for a Scripps OB?

  • i don't know that group, but i HIGHLY rec the group at IGO (infertility, Obstetrics and Gyn) located across from SCripps La Jolla Hosp.  They are wonderful - esp Gunnarson, and Bui.
  • I see Dr. Cross. She was recommended to me from an ER doc when I was having some problems. She is realllllly good at what she does and has a great team of NPs to assist her.
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  • Hi Bah-own~

     I was wondering if you picked any of the doctors you listed above?  Scripps RB will be the clinic I will use.  I need to make an appointment this week.

  • Dr. Michael Beaumont is the most AMAZING OBGyn! He was with me throughout my whole pregnancy and delivery and I wouldn't have traded him for the world!

    When are you due? If you haven't selected one yet I'd highly recommend him. He works with Dr. Salzetti. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Beaumont and his staff! Good luck!

  • You've probably already pick one, but if not... I'd highly recommend Dr. Beaumont at Scripps RB. He's amazing!

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