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Feeling Alone?

Does anyone else feel like you and your DH are alone in TTC? I don't have any close friends that have or are having children, so I don't have anyone (besides the Nest and Bump gals!!) to talk baby with. I am an only child, so no siblings to talk with. I talk to my girlfriends about it sometimes, and they are terrifc conversationalists, but have very little advice! Just wondering if there are others that feel the same? And if so, how do you deal with it? Does it drive you crazy to not have another woman who has been through this to talk to (besides your mama)?

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  • I am right there with you. And I can't really talk to my ma about it, cause she doesn't think me and DH should be having kids. I'm 26, so not sure when she thought I was going to have kids, but whatever...  So I do feel a bit alone in all of this. And DH can only take so much baby talk, as I'm sure you know. I've taken to keeping a private livejournal account that I write all this stuff on. It's helped me at least get my thought down.
  • The thought of LJ did cross my mind, as did a pen to paper journal. Maybe I should give it a try! Thanks for sharing!
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  • I know what you mean about being alone. None of my close friends are in the same position. And one of my friends if I told her, she would turn it into a competition, because shes that kind of person. The other problem I have is people I know are getting pregnant without trying. I AM TRYING and I havent had luck, so it hurts like hell to see others getting prego without even trying. I also hate when people tell me that it hasnt been that long. Because to me, its been ages(only 3 1/2 months though) The other hard thing is, my husband and I both want this, but I think I want it more. He has that outlook of, well if its going to happen then it will. And I hate that. Because it might never happen, some people can never concieve. I am just an emotional person so sometimes it hard to even talk to him because I start crying and then he gets frustrated. So I am glad to meet another person who feels the same.
  • Just wanted to give you ladies some support... we tried for almost 2 years to get pregnant, and it was VERY tough and VERY lonely.  You aren't the only ones that feel this way, and so many women struggle to get pregnant.  No one really talks about it, but I've found that if YOU talk about it, people will open up to you about their own struggles as well.

    The "Trouble TTC" board on the nest/bump was AWESOME and one of the only things that kept me sane through the whole process.  Go there and read some of the posts, those women are really great and supportive, and it's relatively flame-free over there.

    Good luck, and if you ever need to vent/***/cry to a stranger, I'll listen!  Page me anytime, I've been where you are and know exactly how much it sucks.

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  • Oh, also, there's a book called "The Conception Chronicles" that is really good, it's about 3 friends that all got pregnant in different ways, how their friendships grew and changed throughout the process, etc.  It's sweet, funny, and informative.  I bought it at Barnes and Noble (?) when I had been TTC for about 5 months with no luck, and it helped me keep perspective.
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