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Thanks for the response below.

How long were you on the soy before you had to switch b/c of constipation?  She is on it now at the rec of the doc FOR constipation and it seems like it might be getting worse but I can't tell b/c she isn't showing any signs of struggle while pooping or anything.  We tried the gentlease and she wasn't having it. 

Re: aandaw012707

  • It didn't take long. She started having hard stools within a couple of days. Then she really started straining. Oddly enough, she still has issues with that even now, but the soy definitely made it worse!

    That's crazy that she wouldn't take the gentlease! To me, the soy stunk so bad! M took to the gentle formula really well, but then she pretty much didn't care as long as her bottle was there!

  • OMG it smells so bad and the burps are horrible!  Well, so far so good w/ the soy.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed it keeps working!
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  • I hope it keeps working for you! I remember the absolute hell we went through before we found a formula that worked. I wouldn't wish that on anyone!
  • OMG it was 6 weeks of sheer hell.  It was so hard b/c she was gaining weight but not really eating overly well.  It sucked.  Have a great weekend!
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