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Best time to have another baby???

Hi everyone! My DH and I want to have another baby.  He currently stays home with our daughter (or DD) and will start graduate school in the fall, online.  After that's done, he'll be working part time until the kid(s) are in school.  I want to hear how far apart your children are (or may be, in the future) and the advantages and disadvantages of having them so close together or far apart.  All opinions are welcome!  (PS we would like to have 2 children now and 2 children in 5+ years) 

Re: Best time to have another baby???

  • I like the two year age difference.
  • I have huge age differences between my children (not really planned that way though!)

    My oldest is 13 and my other child will be 6 when this baby is born. I think the big age gap has positives and negatives. One big positive is that I feel I was able to give each child a ton of individual attention. They were never competing for me. Also, it has worked in that the older child is a little helper for me. I never felt that I was sacrificing time with the older to tend to a baby. I also like that I can spend quality time with each of them based on their activities and interests.

     Negatives would be not having that sibling closeness (although they do get along great!), having to re-purchase all my baby gear and people always criticizing or questioning me for the age gap. But they can take a flying leap :)

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  • thank you for your responses!  Jenny, thinking about it from your prospective makes a lot of sense. We want someone to stay home with our children if possible and right now it's possible but at the same time, I worry about having to divide my time. 

    As far as questioning the age amazes me how people honestly think it's appropriate to comment on things like that!  I've once asked an older woman if she had any children and when she said yes and they were all grown, i said "well, lady you had your chance...this is mine and i'll do it my way. If you don't like how I do things, have another one of your own and do it your way. And contrary to what you may believe, people don't appreciate your unsolicited advice."  (this was after she told me it was irresponsible of me to have my daughter out without a hat was 70 deg!!!!  I was so mad!)

  • By they way Jenny, were you ever exhausted thinking about having to go through the newborn phase again??? Or diapers? I'm afraid that once I'm out of that phase I won't want to do that again. 
  • I'm actually excited to go through it again - as odd as that sounds! It's been so very long since I snuggled with a newborn or changed their diaper and I do miss it.

    I think it really depends on you. Some women prefer to have their babies close together and get it all done with. Some (like me) like to space it out and don't mind going through the baby stage over and over again.

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