When you received your homestudy write-up...

How long was it......our SW completed our homestudy on 12/20 and I just got an email from her saying she is 75% done writing it up and hopes to be completed this thursday.  Is this pages long or what???  Thanks.

Re: When you received your homestudy write-up...

  • I can't remember off-hand and I can't access ours right now, but I think ours was about 7-8 pages long.
  • ours was about 15 pages long!!!! 
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  • WOW  thanks ladies I guess I just did not think there was that much to say about us! I know what has taken her 3 weeks to do.
  • We just had our last home study visit this afternoon. Yeah! And she actually showed us our study. It was about 7-8 pages. She said it will be finalized in the next couple of days. I guess it depends on the social worker and if they do it along the way or wait to write everything after the last meeting. She also said that each one differs from state to state as to how much you have to put in it.?
  • Our SW told us that our hs will be about 17 pages long!!
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