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newbie here, have a OBGYN question

Hi everyone,

This my first post here, I have been lurking for just a few days.  I am only about 6 wks preg. I previously had a regular pap scheduled for late feb and i just called dr's office to ask if I should come in earlier than that.  The nurse said my scheduled appt was fine but that my doc no longer does OB.  Should I go to my sched. appt. and have him recommend an OBGYN, by the time I go in in Feb I will be about 10 weeks, I am really not sure what I should do, the woman I spoke to at dr's office didn't seem too concerned, she said just ask him for a rec when you come in. 

Re: newbie here, have a OBGYN question

  • Is there another doc in the same office that does OB? If not...I think I wouldn't waste my time and would have a friend recommend an OB. Just my opinion!


    "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible"--Harry, When Harry Met Sally

  • He is the only gyn. in the office.  I was concerned that I will just be waiting too long if I wait until Feb., get a rec. from him and then change docs....My primary is a family practitioner and she if affiliated with the hosp. I would like to give birth in.  I feel very comfortable with her, she always returns phone calls, should I contact her office for a rec?  I am sorry to be so clueless....
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  • That sounds like a good idea. I'm sure she would be able to recommend someone for you! Good luck!


    "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible"--Harry, When Harry Met Sally

  • Absolutely get a rec from your primary care! Don't wait if you don't have to.  Get care as soon as possible.
  • Thanks for the advice ladies.  My primary is on vaca and won't be in until next Monday so I plan on calling her first thing mon.  I am a little nervous that I don't have a freaking obgyn.  Should I be nervous??
  • I understand what you're going through.  The same thing happened to me.  The hospital my OBGYN was affiliated with closed the maternity ward a few weeks before I found out I was pregnant and I didn't have an OB.  I also got a recommendation from my PCP, and was able to schedule an appointment for 8 weeks.  Good luck!
  • No...don't worry!  I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was 6 weeks and my first OB appointment was at 8 weeks.  I had no idea how far along I was.  Just get prenatal vitamins now...the only difference in prescription prenatal and store brand is if you have a prescription plan it's cheaper that way.  If you want to wait for a prescription (it is cheaper), your primary care can prescribe that.  Also, no lunch meats (unless heated in the microwave), soft cheeses or high mercury fishes (you can look those up).  Rest when you feel tired and drink a lot of water! You will be just fine.  AND...if you live in South Philly and are looking for an OB as soon as possible, ask on this post.  I loved my OB and I picked him when I found out I was pregnant! (He's in Center City and delivers at Pennsylvania Hospital, if you're interested.)

    Good luck and Congratulations!  

  • Ok, I feel a little better now. ?Crysa, I do live in south philly and work in CC so I welcome any rec you have. ?Thanks again for all of the advice.
  • If you're interested, his name is Dr. Johannson from Penn Ob/Gyn and Midwifery Care at Pennsylvania Hospital.  They are located at the Curtis Center, Suite 925 East, 601 Walnut St. 215-829-8000.

    He's great!  I always recommend him.

    Tootermi works with him and said he's great!  See the "How to interview an OB" post. I explain how great he was for us there.

    And if you're looking for a pediatrician...we LOVE Dr. Berger from Center City Pediatrics,  He's on 18th and South and we couldn't be happier!  It's a new office and they are great!  My DH stays home and we had a DRs appt two days before his first day home with our daughter and Dr. Berger actually told him that if he feels overwhelmed, he can come in and hang out with them for the day! (Dr. Berger brings his son in everyday) That was AWESOME!  He didn't go in but he had such peace of mind just knowing he had that support if absolutely necessary.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  • Crysa, that is actually where my PCP is.  Thank you so much for the rec. I am going to call the office today.  I really appreciate it! 

  • No problem!  And by the way, I saw all the doctors at the practice and we really liked all of them (there are 5).  Good luck!!!
  • I have my first appt with Dr. Mehta in 2 weeks.  The office staff seemed really nice when I called.  My other gyn. was GREAT but his staff is HORRIBLE!!!  All of the office staff was rude and impatient.  I'm glad he doesn't do OB anymore because I was thinking of changing docs anyways due to his rude staff!
  • I loved Dr Mehta as sweet!  You won't be disappointed with the doctors there.  I also liked the staff.  They were polite and fun.  The only issue I ever had was when it came time to see Dr. Johannson, there was often a wait but that's because he really took the time to talk to his patients so I really didn't mind.  Once we met all of the doctors there, we didn't care who delivered our baby.  Dr. Ewing ended up delivering (Dr. Johannson was on call all night and even tried to wait it out for a few hours after his shift was done to deliver but my dd came too late) and I'll tell you what...that woman really helped me  focus and do what was necessary to deliver my dd.  Her voice was the only voice I heard and she was just awesome! 

    Let me know how it goes!  AND congratulations! 

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