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 I'm new to San Antonio and to this site and I was wondering if anyone had an OB/Gyn they could recommend??  I have asked around, but I only get so so answers.  Everyone I ask says that they only sort of love their doctor.  I'm looking for someone to tell me that they absolutely love their OB/Gyn.... if that's even possible!!  :) So, any help you could dish out would be greatly appreciated!

Re: OBGyn Recommendation

  • Check out the nest local board. Someone just asked this same Q and got tons on answers. It seems everyone here loves their doctors!
  • well i didnt love my obgyn a ton, but she was good and very imformative, her name is Dr. Vanwingerden.... but the other ones in her practice are AMAZING... dr. munoz and dr. williams ....munoz and williams were there through my delivery and were wonderful...they are at  Riverwalk obgyn, and this one has two locations, one downtown and one in Stone oak near 281 and 1604. hope that helps!
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  • LoneStar OB/GYN is a good place. ?They are in the med center area. ?They also have a group of midwives that are wonderful. I am currently a midwife patient and I love them!?


    NE OB/GYN has several locations around town...most of the doctors there are very good as well. ?I have seen Dr. Skop there as well as Dr. King.?


    The PP is right...the SA Nest board has a long post with lost of recommendations and good advice on this very topic.

    Good luck!?

  • I LOVED my OB but he's in New Braunfels.  If you are close to NB go see Dr. Kevin Blair.  He is awesome!
  • I go to NE ObGyn and love Dr. Villanueva. I actually picked him over the phone when I was 35 weeks pregnant. We moved from Iowa and he was amazing to take me on that late in my pregnancy. 
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