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How to interview an OB?

Newly PG with baby #2, and last time I took the recommendation of a friend in choosing my OB, who I ended up hating. (The OB, not the friend!) :) So this time around, I want to do a better job selecting my dr. but I honestly don't know how this works - will docs really make an appointment for you to just go and "interview" them? Do you have to pay for this kind of appointment, if all you're doing is asking them questions about their practice etc?

And what questions are the best ones to ask? My initial questions are which hospitals they deliver at and whether they do VBAC or not, but beyond that, I'm not sure. What I hated about my last doc was his total lack of bedside manner, the fact that he was always halfway out the door before I could even ask a question, and that he seemed to think he was smarter than everyone else on the planet. So what I'm really looking for is someone who is respectful, who listens, and who actually gives you the time of day. How exactly do I ask them that? :) 

 Anyway, sorry for the long post, but any advice or recommendations would be great!


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Re: How to interview an OB?

  • I started to interview my OB but he just went into the appointment and once he started, I realized how much I absolutely loved him!  His bedside manner was great!  There were times when I know people had to wait to see him because I took up much of his time.  He's laid back, easy going and very willing to have things happen as naturally as you want.  He really listened to my concerns!  I had a lot of them...for instance, I swore I was having twins even though he reassured me otherwise so to make me happy, he took the little heart monitor and went across my entire belly and said "see, just one heart beat." I then asked him to check and again and he did so!  (HA HA that still makes me laugh!)

    Anyway, the questions I went in with were: Where do you deliver? Stance on endusing labor, breastfeeding...I just went with how I felt which was totally relaxed because that's how he was, from day one!  We walked out of there very happy every time.  If you're interested, his name is Dr. Johannson from Penn Ob/Gyn and Midwifery Care at Pennsylvania Hospital.  They are located at the Curtis Center, Suite 925 East, 601 Walnut St. 215-829-8000.

    And next time you feel uncomfortable with your doctor...find another one.  Don't go through that again.  It's not personal and you'll never see them again so if there's a next time, call the office and let the staff know that you feel as if the doctor and you are not a great match and you'll no longer be using that office and let the staff know that you appreciate how helpful they have been. Your body, your baby...

    Good Luck!


  • I just wanted to butt in and say...that I know Dr. Johannson and he's a doll!!! He's a great doctor...I work with him. Good luck to both of you!!


    "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible"--Harry, When Harry Met Sally

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  • He really is!  My pregnancy was unplanned and we were both nervous and he couldn't have been better! I'd love to work with him! (haha)
  • Thanks, ladies, I appreciate it! Wish I could go with him but we're in Delco and don't want to have to fight our way into center city for every dr's appointment. Thanks for the insights on questions to ask though!


    And you're right - I will NOT put up with a bad doctor again! I think i'm going to take the plunge and make an appointment with a practice I found online that someone else on here recommended...and if I don't like them, I'll just look elsewhere. At least I have some time at this point!



  • Good for you and congratulations!  You will be just fine and you'll find just the right doctor...Good luck!
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