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Frustrated with 8 week appt...

My friend is a few weeks ahead of me, and received an ultrasound at her 8 week appt. which gave her great piece of mind. I went to mine this morning expecting the same thing, and was given a number to call and schedule an ultrasound at a seperate testing center. They can't see me until the 20th! This is tough because I just started a new job and getting awa from work is tough. I want a doc with an in house ultrasound, am anxious to switch b/c I have heard great things about my doc (Belden, Peden and Finnegan) Anone have any doc rec'ds for the Bryn Mawr area?

Re: Frustrated with 8 week appt...

  • I also had a doctor without the in-house ultrasound, however my insurance covered it almost anywhere so I got mine at Jefferson Hospital, where they have evening and weekend hours which was awesome!  I know it's nice to know information right away but I got to see the heartbeat and that's what mattered.  It did take a few days for my doctor to call me and tell me all was well but I felt better just seeing for myself.  Check it out and see of you can schedule at a hospital that's not affiliated with your DRs office. I'd be willing to bet you could get an appointment at Jefferson within a few days.
  • that is normal. most docs outsource to a testing center because of insurance reasons. sucks but not worth changing doctors over. my doc is in KOP and sends u/s out as well.

    get used to making tons of appointments- you will have your glucose testing and a 20 week u/s and other stuff.

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  • I understand how frustrating that can be.  My dr did not have one in-house either.  The thing that was most annoying is that I had to schedule an appointment to go to the medical building across the parking lot.  Luckily they had evening appointments so I did not need to take off any time from work and the lab opened super early so I could go and get my blood drawn before I went to work. 
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  • Are you seeing your ob at Lankenau?  This is where I saw Maggie Peden and the perinatal testing center is also in the hospital.  If you stay with these docs and this center, you will always have issues scheduling.  (Unless you have a complication and they have special time slots set aside for more urgent cases.)  If I remember correctly, this practice usually doesn't recommend an US till around 12 weeks.  And I am not sure all insurance companies would be willing to cover them earlier just for peace of mind.  I loved this practice and the center's staff was in general great (saw them a lot bc I was high risk) but you will have to fight and work to get the appointments that you want so it may not be the place for you.  If you do stick with them, make sure at each ob appointment, you schedule the next few in advance before you leave, especially toward the end or you will never get in at the time that you want or see the doc that you want.  They are super busy.
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