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A new SAHM & already anxious

Hi everyone,
I am 33 weeks pregnant today, so I am feeling absolutely everything on a physical and emotional level. But here's some background info on me: I moved to my husband's country in August and fell pregnant in September. The plan was to find a job first and settle in, and then try super seriously for a baby. The universe had a different plan and here we are... anyway, my first trimester was awful and I couldn't continue my hunt for a job. I then also realized that the maternity leave here is 4 months (1 month prior to birth + 3 months after), so even if i were to land a job I would work for 2 months then take my leave. I knew no employer would be thrilled about that. So my husband and I decided to take a pause and resume my job search after the baby. 
On some days, I can totally accept this, but on other days I feel like a useless lump of being. What am I doing with my life? I have been working my entire life at a job I absolutely loved in an industry I adore. I miss my old self and I cant wait to jump back into it... but at the same time I know that I am totally underestimating motherhood. I just want to feel useful again, like I am contributing to my household and to the world. I can't seem to shake this feeling off. On some days I am excited, but on other days all i can think of is that I'm just going to be a SAHM. When I look at other SAHM I think Wow! That's a tough job! My mother was a SAHM when we were growing up and I admire her for it, but when I think of myself as one i think MEHHHH.
Can someone snap me out of this?
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