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Girl Mamas....

We have 4 boys. We just found out we are having a girl. We never needed to buy clothes really due to hand me downs. 
So now with a girl.... we need ALL the clothes. I really don't like buying baby clothes via Amazon because they are always wonky or never fit right. 

Where do you shop? 
Target always has cute stuff but I was hoping for some other options. 
As a boy mom who is clueless to the girl side, thank you in advance! 

Re: Girl Mamas....

  • I’ve gotten a lot of hand me downs and typically go to target for any additional things. Walmart also has some cute, inexpensive things. Burlington coat factory was one place I was gifted a lot of stuff from and I liked all of it. I was told it was also inexpensive and they had a lot of fancier options as well as casual stuff. They also have kids shoes to match with outfits. There are also some kids consignment shops that have a good stuff. One by me is kid to kid but you can always check those out if there’s any by you. 
  • Seriously, use some of the boy stuff! My good friend had her baby 3 months before me and she gave me her baby clothing- we had a girl, but we still used a ton of the boy stuff.  

    When you are home, does it really matter if your kiddo is in dinosaur pj's or brown blue and orange sleeper?  

    Definitely get girl stuff for going out, special occasions, etc but you don't need a whole new wardrobe.  
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     Thank you! I will definitely check out Burlington I haven't been to one in years. I am just not a shopper. 

    Any other suggestions of places to go that aren't rude or condescending would be much appreciated! Thanks to all the kind women on here.
  • i’m surprised carter’s hasn’t been mentioned. when they have sales it’s nice to shop there for both genders. they’re a staple
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