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April Randoms

Me: 28 | Him: 31
Married: 11/12/16
BFP: 02/09/17
FTM | EDD: 10/13/17

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Re: April Randoms

  • Guys for real, it's like 1st trimester fatigue for me over here. I cannot get enough sleep. ZzzzZzzz
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    i use positive affirmations as a daily tool that help me be who i want to be & feel how i want to feel, if any other mama would like to listen, here are some of my favorite affirmation videos rn! : 

    good health:

    motherhood affirmations:

    feeling unstoppable & confident:


    healthy pregnancy:
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  • taking my glucose test tomorrow morning and i’m so excited! 🥳 i’ve honestly been nourishing my body so well, staying active & hydrated so i’m definitely looking forward to it 😂🥰 
  • How'd it go?
  • i get my results on monday! 🥰💛☺️🖤
  • I caught the flu 😫 my son had a cough and missed 1 day of school so I thought he had a cold that eventually passed to my husband then me but I was getting progressively worse. At the doc I was told my heart rate was through the roof and was sent to the ER for fluids and monitoring. I ended up going back the next day to L&D cuz I couldn't manage my fever with Tylenol and again my heart was racing all night. It's been so scary to be this sick and not be able to take anything except Tylenol 😭 I took the week off work and tried resting as much as possible but this cough and phlegm persists
    Me: 28 | Him: 31
    Married: 11/12/16
    BFP: 02/09/17
    FTM | EDD: 10/13/17

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  • @robotpopcan girl I know! I still can't be up past 8 most nights and I'm a zombie every morning. And it's supposed to get worse in the 3rd trimester 😅

    @prettymamaholub444777 I'll have mine on Fri and am nervous only because I feel I suddenly put on weight recently. But let's see how it goes 👍🏻
    Me: 28 | Him: 31
    Married: 11/12/16
    BFP: 02/09/17
    FTM | EDD: 10/13/17

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  • update: I PASSED MY GLUCOSE TEST!!!! feeling so relieved and extremely happy 😂❤️ thank every fiber of the universe
  • and @winterecho i hope that you start feeling so much better! get your rest ❤️ 
  • feeling like a million bucks 💛✨
  • jemyjemejemyjeme member
    Something similar happened to me. My son got sick and then he passed it to me. I ended up at the ER because it was the second time sick in 2 weeks. My heart rate was 155 so they kept me there for one day getting fluids, meds for fever and it was COVID! They released me with a lot of stuff and vitamins. Took 6 days and I was feeling better. There are medicines you can take pregnant, not only Tylenol. Rest and hydrate a lot. Get better soon.
  • jhysmathjhysmath member
    I'm sorry you got the flu @winterecho getting sick while pregnant is awful. With my first I had pleurisy, I thought I was dying each breath I took, I thought maybe a heart attack... Went to the Dr found out it's pleurisy and there's nothing you can do for that pregnant, your supposed to take Advil too reduce the swelling, but you can't take Advil pregnant. ... This pregnancy I fell and really hurt my knee, they did an X-ray and didn't see anything broken. They said they'd recommend Advil too reduce the swelling and if it still hurt to have an MRI but they said I can't do either pregnant, so I've been having knee pain (it has gotten better) for over a month now. 

    For those of you you will be taking your glucose test soon. Do know that gestational diabetes comes from your body working with the placenta and there's nothing you can do if you actually have it to cheat the system. No being as healthy as possible will make it so you pass if you have it. Gestational diabetes can happen to anyone even the most fit person. If you do get diagnosed with it, know that your feelings are valid and I recommend crying for at least 2 weeks mourning all the ice cream you planned to eat in the third trimester. Do know it gets better and there are so many yummy gd meals that can be had. My pregnancy with gestational diabetes i lost the most weight after pregnancy and was 25 lbs lighter than pre pregnancy weight a year after giving birth with not much life style changes aside from breastfeeding. If and when the time comes I'm ready to share all of the yummy meals that keep you within your carb limits.
  • I'm in the same boat as you! Caught the flu, had to get fluids- except it was babys heart rate that was high 😞

    our bodies are doing two critical things right now, building baby AND fighting a flu in a compromised state. Take the help from your community if its offered. all the fluids and rest and we'll get through this eventually! Just takes us longer than we are used to.
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    good luck and blessings to all of y’all! 
  • btw just genuinely very happy that i passed & can relax, i hope every mama in this group passes and has a smooth & healthy pregnancy, labor & delivery! 
  • Hey newbie here... has anyone got cramps between 9-10weeks?
  • probably just the baby growing, im 25 1/2 wks and my body still feels sore as the baby is growing 
  • I definitely did, especially when I ate things that got a big response from Spud.  I went in for my 12 week ultrasound and felt a cramp while watching Spud roll over to make it hard for the doc to get any pictures or measure anything.
  • I have to do the glucose test again at 28 weeks 😭 I did it early in my pregnancy because I had a big baby first time even though my test was normal. I passed it the first time and my doc is insisting I do it again. I have to remind myself that 3 hours of hell for baby is low bar. Any found out that because of my risk factors they want to schedule my C-Section for 39 weeks. I was really hoping to push it back because my due date is in the middle of husband’s summer drill. He will be able to come to the birth then leave. Stress I didn’t want or need 😵‍💫
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  • Wait, @mixedqt21, you have to do it again even though you passed already? I don’t think I’ve heard of that. A big baby doesn’t mean a higher risk of GD, does it? That seems like backwards thinking to me.

    At any rate, I hope it goes smoothly for you and isn’t too painful. I still wish you didn’t have to do it!

    Also, I hope that, even though your husband has drill, he’s still able to take his leave soon after. He’s entitled to leave!! Many prayers for you all around!
  • @mixedqt21 they run the first test to really test to see if you have a glucose intolerance or type 2 diabetes that's gone undiagnosed. Traditionally gestational diabetes starts closer to the 3rd trimester. This is my 4th kid and the first time I wasn't tested before the 28 ish week mark. This time, the midwife I have said they'd just run my a1c when they did my blood work. I have done the 3 hour test 4 times. 

    My first I passed at 12 weeks (they tested early due to high BMI) then failed at 28 weeks and went on to do the 3 hour which I failed and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I managed it with diet alone. She was 7lbs 2oz.

    My second I failed the test at 18 weeks, but passed the 3 hour at 20 weeks. They had me test again, straight to the 3 hour at 30 weeks and I passed. I took that as a celebration to make all the yummy sweets with my 2 year old while in sitting 2020 lock down. . . My second was 9lbs 15 oz.

    With my third I passed the 1 hour early in my pregnancy. At the 28 week test, I failed and took the 3 hour test. By VT standards I failed by a point or two. We moved to NY the week after taking the test and the new practice looked at my numbers and said I passed by 4 points. I asked them to please write me a script for my glucose meter because I wanted to continue to track my numbers and keep myself honest. I could see when I'd have higher readings and correct myself. My third was 7lbs 8oz following the gestational diabetes diet I used with my first. 

    Now with my 4th, I haven't been diagnosed, but I have test strips still and I'm testing myself and trying to see how my Numbers are before I go get tested. I know I need more protein too maintain my numbers and I'm working with that. I go for an appointment tomorrow where I'm sure I'll be given the orders for my glucose test. I want to make sure that I'm doing what I need to, to make sure my baby is smaller in hopes of having another vbac. 
  • sph97sph97 member
    my first was 9lb 2oz and early and they’ve mentioned an elective c section and I just said no. I also haven’t taken the glucose test yet and don’t think I’m taking the 3 hour unless I fail? I passed with my first but they suspect I *could* have developed it late since baby was big but then again maybe I make big babies 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Just got back from my glucose test. I had done it once before with my first pregnancy and I don't really find it unpleasant at all 😅 the worse was drawing blood because I'm difficult to stick! 

    My doc has been out on an emergency so I saw someone else today and he's suggesting I start taking a baby aspirin, so I guess I'm joining you ladies who are taking it daily too! 
    Me: 28 | Him: 31
    Married: 11/12/16
    BFP: 02/09/17
    FTM | EDD: 10/13/17

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  • Just had an appointment... She said as of my last US a couple weeks ago. Baby is measuring very big, 97th percentile. I'm sitting waiting for the hour to be over to have my draw for my glucose test. This is the first time I've gotten lemon lime, I'll definitely ask for that again so much better than the orange or fruit punch. 

    We'll see how my numbers are, with the big measurement already I think I need to go back on my gd diet, I don't want another huge baby of I can manage it. 
  • I barely passed my glucose test. Only by one point. I know it count as passed but Im taking precautions anyway. I had to do the glucose test twice on my first pregnancy and hopefully not again in this one since Im 28 weeks. Im supper swollen (hands and feet). Drs are watching me for preeclampsia and placenta semi previa, but there is another issue that might send me to C-section. Apparently pregnancy fractured my hip. Now i have to use crutches and stay on bed most of the time. I had to get X-rays and get MRI to see how bad the hip is. I broke the same hip many years ago so I know how to deal with it, but pregnant is way worse than before and I can’t open my legs to get checked without screaming on pain. I guess Im at the point where I need the weeks to go by quick and make sure baby is out and safe. 
  • My results came back. I passed but it's high so I do need to watch my carbs. 

    @jemyjeme I'm sorry you're going through all of that. It must be tough. 
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