Cerclage? Or Cerclage with fast labors? I need your insight

Looking for some insight 

Has anyone had experience with a cerclage and also has very fast labors? 

I have had three kids, all preterm. I have a uterine malformation, specifically uterine didelphys which is pretty rare.  
I asked about a cerclage with the later 2 and was never given one. All the protocols have changed since having my youngest and now doctors are considering a cerclage if my cervix starts to shorten. 

My concern is that I labor so quickly that they would never have time to take it out and I would either be forced to have a c section or I would rip…. 

Did anyone have a previous Fast and early baby and then have a cerclage for your next pregnancy. Can you tell me if you went longer, how getting it taken out
Was, how soon you went into labor after or if you had it in still when you went into labor?

Thank you so much in advance.
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