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17 dpo pregnancy tests

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Do these look like strong positive lines? I am 3 days late. I had mild cramps this morning but they have wore off, but I am panicking incase it’s a sign of miscarrying. I really hate the early days in pregnancy! 

Re: 17 dpo pregnancy tests

  • 1st of all, it's against the TOUs to be posting pee sticks unless in the sticky at the top of the page.  So do not be surprised if the mids take down the pictures. 

    2nd of all pregnancy tests are not quantative, they are qualitive which means a line is a line - darkness means nothing the amount of dye in the test is what makes thr test darker or lighter.  
  • I know a ton of girls that the dark like of the tests directly correlated with an increased or decrease of hcg, and that’s how I found out I was miscarrying. But, those test lines look pretty strong to me. When I miscarried, my lines slowly lightened up until they were negative. *Hugs* trust in the results you have! That’s what I’m doing bc I was worried I was having a chemical, but I’m gonna trust in my results❤️ I keep trying to figure out how to delete my post but I can’t haha
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