2nd Trimester

Antisocial during 2nd trimester?

Does anyone feel weirdly antisocial during my second trimester? 

I get why I was antisocial during my first trimester. I was so insanely sick…but it feels weird now to still not want to be around people much. 

Re: Antisocial during 2nd trimester?

  • sjuncasjunca member
    Yes, I have been throughout my whole pregnancy. I am 23 weeks pregnant. I feel like I would rather just stay in most days/nights. I still go to family get togethers and small hangouts with my closest friends. But if it's some event or gathering with people I don't really know, then I just don't go. I also predominantly work from home and only go into the office about twice a month. But don't go in if I don't have to.

    My first trimester I had nausea in the afternoon/evening and extreme fatigue anyway. But in my second trimester, I have had a lot of energy and feel great. I would just rather spend time at home 🤷‍♀️
  • Hmm ok that makes me feel a lot better!!!!
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  • the same way but i don’t wana be around nobody i don’t even care to be on the phone
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