December 2024 Moms

Let's introduce ourselves!

I know forums tend to get more and more structure later on, but for now let's just introduce ourselves. 
You could include whatever you'd like about your family (# of kids, partner, etc), answer these conversation starter questions below, or just share anything that stands out to you about this new pregnancy and transition. 

How did you feel when you found out?

Have you told anyone yet/are you having a hard time keeping the secret? 

Is there anything you feel nervous about?

Is there anything you would like prayer or encouragement in? 

Re: Let's introduce ourselves!

  • I'm 27, this is baby #4 that we'll get to meet, hopefully. Technically baby #9, I believe. Most of our losses have been extremely early. 
    My husband and I have a 5 year old son, 3 year old son, and 9 month old daughter. Hoping for a sister for her! 

    How did you feel when you found out?
    Overwhelmed, mostly. A little excitement because I feel like it's a sister for our girl and I want her to have the experience of having a sister. 

    Have you told anyone yet/are you having a hard time keeping the secret? 

    I've only told my husband, sister, and best friend. 

    Is there anything you feel nervous about?

    I had miserable nausea with my boys and debilitating nausea with my girl. I could barely walk because I wasn't keeping anything down. I'm honestly terrified of the nausea getting that bad again. 

    Is there anything you would like prayer or encouragement in? 

    I'd love to hear from moms of 4 or more. Any advice or tips are helpful, but keep it pretty positive and practical. I don't think I can handle horror stories lol

    Also, I don't really remember how this app works so sorry this looks weird the way I quoted it. 
  • Hey y’all! I’ve been lurking here waiting for some activity as I’m due 11/28 with baby #4. Hope it’s okay to pop in and out as a lot of the moms on the Nov BMB are due what feels like years before me! LOL

    I’ll be 37yo when this babe is born and my kids will range from 5yo to 9yo when their lil sib arrives.

    I’ve told some close friends and a cousin; planning to tell my mom when she comes into town this weekend. I don’t have my first US until 4/16, so this is unlike me to share so early but here I am.

    I’m a little nervous because I have zero nausea. Granted, I’m only 4w6d but still. Only symptoms at this point are tiredness (though I’m legit always tired), breast/nip sensitivity, achy crampy uterus and backache though nothing too major. 

    Overall, this babe was very planned (I had my IUD removed late Nov 2023) but now that it’s really happening, I’m beyond excited! Kind of annoyed because my husband’s like “meh” but it’s mostly a been-there-done-that kind of attitude. 

    I’m like @annemarie96 and curious about what it’s like to make the leap to 4, which is basically graduating from being a large-small family to a small-large family. 

    Looking forward to reading more intros as the days pass and CONGRATS to all! 

    Me: 31
         DH: 34
    Married 11/09/2013

    LO#1: LMP 09/14/2014  BFP 10/15/2014  EDD 06/24/2015  DS Born 06/14/2015
    LO#2: LMP 09/18/2016  BFP 10/19/2016  EDD 06/27/2017 DD Born 06/27/2017
    LO#3: LMP 05/16/2018  BFP 06/18/2018  EDD 02/20/2019

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  • @MrsCaliRN I'm kind of envying your age gaps, but also I know everything has pros and cons! 

    I've never really had nausea until right about 6 weeks, I think. Which seems to be the norm. I am trying to enjoy what could be my last days functioning before it all sets it, but the anticipation is hard. Lol

    I know what you mean about family size. I know some families are huge, but 4 kids feels so solidly a medium sized family to me. It's how many were in my family growing up too, so something in my mind is clicking into place like "this is the size a family is" even though of course that is so silly!
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    Hi! I’m a first time mom. We rescue and foster shelter dogs but no human kids yet (we’re making sure our pups get tons of attention still after birth and won’t become second in line!). My due date is Dec 1. I’m very excited but nervous. It seems that any of my friends/family who have faced pregnancy loss have had it happen around week 7-9 so I’m being cautiously optimistic. I’m also nervous for having a newborn while balancing a stressful medical career with a lot of travel. Part of me wonders how we will do this haha 
  • peppyj9peppyj9 member
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    Hello! I'm a 2nd time mom. My son just turned 4 in January. I'll be 41 in June so I'm "geriatric" but nowadays having babies in your early 40's is more common. I live with my husband, our son and our cat. I'm very excited as we've been wanting another for a while but life happened (covid, moving, etc) and we were not trying but not preventing either. We finally started officially trying about 6 months ago and today I got my positive pregnancy test!! It's so early, it looks like my due date is December 5th. But, I'm anxious to talk about it so here I am! I've only told my husband and my old bump group from when I had my son (yes, we're still active and I'm hoping to form similar bonds in this group too!) Looking forward to getting to know all of you on our journey. ❤️

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  • marlenelhmarlenelh member
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    Hi, I’m a first timer.

    I’m 34, and hubby just turned 35. It hasn’t sunk in yet fully. Baby is very planned hence how we found out at 3w9DPO.

    I’m 4w3days today. No nausea yet. Only dizziness and motion sickness that comes and goes for the last few days. Frequent bathroom trips. Hunger spells that come and go.

    Due date is December 5th.

    Haven’t experienced any sore breast etc. just crazy hungry the first few days. And flu like symptoms which prompted me to take another test the night we found out 😁

    Only hubby and I know. We’re thinking to share it with our close family near Mother’s Day.

    It’s nice to be able to talk about it here. Feels nice reading about other women currently going through the early pregnancy stage as me. Looking forward to getting to know all you ladies.
  • Hi 👋🏼 we have the same due date 💕
  • Hi, first time mom here too 💕
  • 2nd pregnancy, and praying for happy full-time term Baby this go around.

    2nd trimester loss last October.  I'm 5 weeks and 2 days, today. Saw the fetal pole today. Have my surgery tomorrow to have a modified shrodkar cerclage placed to keep baby in. 

     Haven't told anyone but my husband and not sure when we will tell.

    Feeling hopeful after my appointment today😊
  • Hi! First time mom here. My EDD is Dec 4th. I’m nervous and overwhelmed! I start grad school on May 7th, thinking about how I’ll manage it all. Praying for a healthy baby.  My husband of course is very excited since this will be the first grandchild for both families. We’re trying to hold out to tell family until May. Excited for everyone here! 
  • mk2022xmk2022x member
    Hi everyone! STM (second-time mom) here with a due date of December 12th! I’m 29 and have an almost-19 month old son. Hoping this bump group is as great as my September 2022 one :) 

    I was so excited to see the second line this month! Cautiously optimistic overall still but the lines have been getting darker every day and December was our target month, so we’re very happy about this! We’re hoping it’s a girl this time 🥰

    So far, just my mom knows (besides my husband, of course). We found out on Easter and we knew telling her that day would mean a lot to her. 

    Like the rest of you, just looking forward to the anxiety reducing and hitting more confident milestones. 

    No symptoms yet other than some minor cramping and increased thirst (which was the same symptoms with my son). Hoping I dodge morning sickness again this time 🤞🏼

  • Hello! First time mom here as well, EDD 12/1-ish, about mid-5 weeks or so now. I'm 34 (for now) and my husband is 35. We just decided to start trying...and here we are one month later. Nervous, anxious, but also excited. First appt scheduled for 4/22, after a week long European vacation. Hoping for healthy baby and a good first appointment. We surprised our parents on Easter and told only them (and my best friends know too of course because I needed more eyes to make sure I saw that line and I wasn't going crazy). 
  • Hey! I’m a ftm, should be due 12/5. We’ve been on the ttc journey for over a year since I’m high risk and had to stop some medications (and wait for the half life) before getting my iud out. I was so relieved to see that faint positive—this is my first pregnancy, and I’m currently 36. It was nerve-wracking not knowing if we were both fertile, but one home and two blood tests later, everything is looking good so far!

    My partner let the pregnancy slip to one close friend, but we haven’t told anyone else yet. I’m really hesitant to tell family before we have at least the first ultrasound. So far I don’t have many symptoms (mainly bloating, increased thirst, and nipple tenderness), so I feel like it hasn’t fully sunk in yet! Maybe I’ll feel more comfortable talking about it when I feel more pregnant? 

    I think because of all my health issues, I’m worried about the viability of this little one, even though there are no signs of trouble. Trying to do everything I can to take care of myself.

    I’m nervous too about work—I’m a 1099 teacher/musician, so I have no protections or maternity time, and I’m not guaranteed that I won’t be fired on the spot when I tell my employers. Has anyone else gone through maternity as a freelancer?
  • Hi all, I’m a FTM, 5w1day pregnant with a due date of December 2. I’m feeling very exited but also nervous and a little overwhelmed! I’m 31 and my husband is 34. So far we’ve told only our parents and siblings and we’re trying to wait until late May to tell the rest of our friends, but it’s difficult as we’re both so excited!

    I was just joking with my mom on Friday about how I didn’t think I was pregnant. Tested later that evening and it was positive! 

    My symptoms are tiredness, sore/swollen breasts, thirsty all the time, and more frequent urination. Thankfully no morning sickness (yet). 
  • froggerbluefroggerblue member
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    I'm 5w0d / due December 3rd
    This is my second time on the bump. I recently was in the September 2023 group.
    How did you feel when you found out?
    I was surprised and overjoyed. We planned for this, but since it tooks years to get our first, I wasn't expecting it to really happen this quickly.
    Have you told anyone yet/are you having a hard time keeping the secret?
    I told my husband and one of my friends which knew I was TTC.
    I don't have much symptoms this time around. I have mostly exhaustion and bloating. I only have slight nausea, which is great because I felt miserable in my last pregnancy as I had nausea since the day before my positive, all day long, and this until the day I delivered.
    Nice to meet you all!
  • @froggerblue wow, I cannot imagine it lasting every day of the pregnancy! I had severe nausea where I couldn't keep anything down, and it did last for a long time, getting significantly better about 17 weeks, but EVERY day of the pregnancy???? I hope this time around is so so different for you! ❤️
  • Hello! I’m 5 weeks! Due Dec 4th with rainbow baby number 4. I have a 16yr old, middle child will be 15 and youngest will be 9 by the time I have this baby. I’ll be 37 by then. My first miscarriage happened on New Year’s Day. Definitely wasn’t planned since I was on the pill and we were done having kids. I decided to give my body a rest from taking pills and boom pregnant again. Here’s hoping my body is able to handle this pregnancy. 
  • Hi everyone! Excited to be in this group :) I’m 5w1d EDD Dec 3! Husband and I are both turning 33 this year and are hopeful to be first time parents! This is our second pregnancy.. the first one was a blighted ovum that we had to miscarry early January this year. Overall we’re super excited but at the same time super nervous. I think due to our past experience of having to go in for ultrasound twice and not seeing anything I feel more anxious.. sometimes I feel like delaying the ultrasound appt other times I just want to have it done to really believe we have a little one growing! I have my first prenatal appointment with our doctor today.

    So far we’ve told both sets of parents and my sister in law who’s been extremely supportive! I know I shouldn’t be telling anyone this early yet but I’ve also told another friend who experienced blighted ovum pregnancy loss and who’s also currently expecting!

    In terms of symptoms, I have really tender breasts, more tired (going to bed earlier) and have been getting up in the middle of the night to pee! No morning sickness or anything.
  • @anniemarie887 Yeah, it wasn't fun. I had to take a cocktail of Diclectin, Gravol and Dramamine at least four times a day just to be fonctionnal which made me so drowsy so I wasn't that fonctionnal in the end🤣🤣 But right now, I feel well. The nausea is so light and no vomiting so I have nothing to complain about.
  • teejo27teejo27 member
    Hi everyone! My hubby and I are 33, and we have one 4YO son. We are expecting a little one on December 1st. 

    When I found out, I was very surprised because I had just gotten my IUD out about a month prior! 

    We told our immediate family (siblings, moms, dads), but we’re keeping quiet with everyone else until the end of trimester 1. 

    I am nervous because I had severe preeclampsia the first time around, and I’m hoping it doesn’t happen again. Otherwise I’m excited to care for a baby again and see how my son handles the responsibilities of being a big brother! 
  • @teejo27 aw, a 4 year old is such a fun age to introduce a sibling too, I feel. Our oldest was 4 when our 3rd came along, and he was just so aware of what was happening, and SO excited. He adores his baby sister now and is just so much more nurturing than the 3 yr old brother is. Lol He's sweet too, but 4 year olds are a special age, imo! Excited to see what 5 is like now. He's who I'm most excited to tell about baby #4. He's going to be THRILLED. 
  • First time pregnant after 7 months of trying!! 5w 2d, mild symptoms so far - cramping, round ligament pain when I stand up too fast. We've told immediate family, even though I know it's WAY too early. We couldn't help ourselves. Trying to be cautiously optimistic!! Nervous about miscarriage, needles, giving birth, and my own stress affecting the baby. The usual.
  • mk2022xmk2022x member
    @rebeccastarlight I promise that needles are easier when you’re doing it for your baby. I was also soooo nervous about blood draws and childbirth in general last time but I made it a way bigger deal in my head than it needed to be. 
  • Hey! I’m 32, pregnant with baby #2. My son is 7, so as I’m reading up on what’s new with baby things I’ve noticed that a lot has changed as far as what’s available for moms and babies. I’m also active duty military, so there’s lots of good changes when it comes to our maternity leave, so that’s exciting!

    When I found out, we found out when I was about 3 weeks, after a negative pregnancy test the day before 😅 I just “knew”. My fiancée and I are super excited to enter this journey as we have been talking about it for a while.

    I’ve told close family and friends, but I am waiting to tell my son until my first ultrasound on 5/1. My due date is supposedly 12/4, but we shall see!

    I am nervous about starting over again and staying active with my already super active 7 year old. I just want to nap all the time lol. I’ve been having mild cramps which I’ve read is signs of my uterus expanding, no blood or anything so I’m not concerned about something being wrong yet.

    Just praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy!
  • We’re in the same boat! 29 as well, due date is looking like it will be Dec 11 & I had my son in Oct of 2022! So excited for you, love the 2 year age gap between my sister and I and was hoping for it for my children as well!
  • Hello,
    Im 36 hubby is 41. This is baby #5 . But my 11th pregnancy. All losses were less than 6 weeks.

    Had very bad back pain, and sore nipples that made me take a pregnancy test. Got my BFP on April fools day.
    Due date is Dec 10.

    I went to one of those pay to confirm clinics but i was too soon as all we saw was a thick endometrium.
    Fingers crossed that this little baby sticks and had a strong healthy heartbeat when i go back to recheck in 2 weeks
  • Hi all! Excited to be joining this group. I’m 35 and it looks like Baby #4 is officially on the way. As of now my due date is 12/2 but we’ll see what the doctor says after my first appointment 4/23. Feeling absolutely dreadful (the nausea seems to start sooner and last longer each pregnancy) but trying to take that as a bright sign that hormones are rising and baby is growing. I had a loss with my 2nd pregnancy around 9 weeks, so that is always an ugly thought in the back of my mind during these first couple of months. I know we’re all pretty much in the same boat on that aspect!
  • I have two years in between all of mine (my 3 I have already and this new baby) and i think it is the perfect gap! They really go through some growth right around that 2 year point that makes it a lot easier to bring in an entirely dependent newborn. 
  • Cautiously introducing here as I just got the positive! I am 35. We were trying so it is pretty early. EDD possibly 12/18. This would be #4 (hi other 4th timers!), the other three at 8, 6, and 2 year old boys. :) Nausea has already set in. Last time I felt pretty nauseous up until week 16 so we'll see. 

    I haven't told anyone yet, except here and planning to tell my other bump groups from previous kiddos!

  • Cautiously introducing here as I just got the positive! I am 35. We were trying so it is pretty early. EDD possibly 12/18. This would be #4 (hi other 4th timers!), the other three at 8, 6, and 2 year old boys. :) Nausea has already set in. Last time I felt pretty nauseous up until week 16 so we'll see. 

    I haven't told anyone yet, except here and planning to tell my other bump groups from previous kiddos!

    Same here with the nausea lasting until 16 weeks with baby #3!! I’m hoping for better this time but realistically expecting worse, lol
  • Second timer here. 
    Due Dec 6th, I'm going to be 39 this year, my hubs will 45, and our daughter is 8.... 
    This was not on the bingo card at all for the year, I'm feeling such a range of emotions to denial and panic. To excitement and anticipation. 
    I'm hoping for a generally boring pregnancy like last time.  Looking forward to connecting with you all. 
  • I’m due December fifth and I’ll be 21 baby is born. I was trying to deny that I’m pregnant
  • Hello, I'm 34, pregnant with my first and very glad to be joining this club! My husband and I had been trying for awhile, so we're overjoyed with this news! My due date is Dec. 18th, I'm only 4w2d pregnant, so I know it's early, but it's nice to share news where I can. :)
  • @LegallyMom I sort of find the nausea reassuring in the beginning 😂 luckily b6 and unisom helped me last time.

    @knottie7c4048eab56019f2 same due date! :) it’s early but I also had to tell someone
  • Hi! I'm 31 5W6D and this is my second pregnancy but hopefully first child. We had an early miscarriage in December so crossing all my fingers and toes for a healthy full term. Currently experiencing fatigue, bloating and lots of nausea but not actually getting sick which I guess is better than full sickness. Overall the hubby and I are excited and optimistic and looking forward to our first doctor's visit in two weeks.
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