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When to share the news?

I am 12w today  :) Excited to share the news with our close family and friends, but still a little apprehensive. And I had been thinking this whole time that the end of week 12 was the end of the first trimester which is when we had planned to tell our parents, but now I’m learning most doctors consider it to be the end of week 13. Advice? When did you all share the news?

Re: When to share the news?

  • I told my parents and my husband’s parents at 10 weeks. I figured they’d know anyway if something didn’t turn out as expected. Told everyone else around 16 weeks depending on when I spoke to them.
  • I'm 11+3 today and I'm waiting until end of week 13/early week 14 to tell anyone. I have an excuse though since my SIL is going in for an induction this friday, so at least that gives us about 2 weeks between her news and our news. I don't want to be one of those people who announces a pregnancy at someone else's birth lmao.
    So we've always been planning to wait until her baby was born. :)
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  • It depends.  As someone who has had 5 miscarriages, I've found it infinitely easier to tell people immediately, let them know about my anxiety and hormonal changes, and have a support network to fall back on when I lost my babies.  If not, it felt like I was hiding the best thing that had ever happened to me, and then when the worst happened, I was societally forced to keep my grief inside as my baby wasn't real.  Now I tell the world if I become pregnant.  But it is your choice to do what you feel is best. Some people are very private and do not like to share anything about their personal lives. 

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  • mitchipmitchip member
    Hubby and I disagree when it comes to this.
    We've been struggling with infertility for 10 years now and I'm 6weeks today. We've experienced loss in the past and I appreciated the support I received from the few people who knew about the pregnancy. They seemed to accept my grief easier. 
    So for this pregnancy, I'm going all in. I told my best friends and my sister and my in laws (my parents have passed). I told hubby I need the support if we end up down the other road. But I want people to celebrate with me now too. 
  • This post made me feel so much better about my choice to share the news early. Thank you!
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