2nd Trimester

Large bowel in anatomy scan

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My doctor just called and mentioned that baby's bowel is larger and it's not serious though.
And said I'll have bowel reassessment scan in four weeks again
I'm stressed about what if the size is not reduced.
Have anyone been there?

Re: Large bowel in anatomy scan

  • I don't know if it's similar or not but one pregnancy they told me there was calcification of the bowels... they were very vague a wait and see sort of answer. Never heard more about it. Never got any clarification on what it meant. Even at my 6 week post partum appt I asked and she dodged it. So I have no idea, but that info ended up meaning nothing in my case. Hopefully yours is similar. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! 
  • try not to stress so much, a few friends also had issues/flags on anatomy scans and babies were born perfectly healthy and with no issues 💗
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