1st Trimester

Is this normal?

Hi ladies!!!
I’m 4 weeks as of today and have gotten positives on regular sticks and digital tests. I’ll be going for bloodwork tomorrow.

Yesterday I started feeling slight cramping in the left side of my lower abdomen area similar to what it would feel like if my period was coming. I’ve felt super nauseous and like I have to pee every 5 seconds. This is all normal right? I’ve had 2 chemicals so I’m extra-sensitive to every change going on.

Re: Is this normal?

  • Cramping is usually normal and nothing to be concerned about unless:
    -theres bleeding with it
    -it doesn't go away 
    -feels intense, is in one side consistently (I've always had side cramps in healthy pregnancies but they don't stay long), and may or may not be accompanied by shoulder pain. 

    I've always had period like cramps especially in early pregnancy, and I have 4 kids. So u should be ok. I hope this helps. 😊
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