1st Trimester

What helps you keep the secret?

I recently found out that I’m pregnant with baby #1, due date November 24. My husband and I are excited, happy, scared and nervous! We’re planning out when to tell our family and we’re thinking Mothers Day (I’ll be 12 weeks). We’re pretty set on waiting that long just to make sure everything with baby is steady and healthy. My family and I are so close and it feels like an eternity to wait before I tell them. What helps you keep the secret before you tell parents??

Re: What helps you keep the secret?

  • I'm 11wks and I still haven't told anyone. It hasn't been hard for me to keep it a secret, I think it's just a me thing though. Even before I was pregnant I was always determined to wait until at least 2nd trimester, just so chance of miscarriage is much lower, and that way we'll also have some results from the early screenings so we'll at least feel like everything's going well and healthy.
    I know some like to tell people they're closest to, so if something does go wrong they have their support. But for me I don't need support from anyone other than my husband. Maybe that's something for you to consider though.
  • I'm barely at 5 weeks and it's been difficult for me to keep it a secret from my and my husband's families. I did tell my mom shortly after i found out and that gave me someone to talk to who has been thought this before.
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  • mitchipmitchip member
    My symptoms gave me away at work. 
    We live in a small town where talk travels fast so we told our parents before they started hearing the rumors. 
    We're not confirming anything to anyone else tho until well into our second trimester. 
  • That's my question: I don't know how to hide it from everyone when I'm sick all the time. Plus I'm starting to show already at 7 wks.. (having twins)
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