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How do I get seen without insurance ?

I haven’t been seen in almost a month and it’s very hard to get seen

Re: How do I get seen without insurance ?

  • Depending on where you live and your income you could qualify for free or low cost insurance through your state. I live in New York and for a few years I was able to get free health insurance through the state because my income was low. I’d look up the options in your area and see if there’s any free clinics in your area. I did a quick google search of “pregnant without health care- where can I go” and had a list of options. Again, if you live in a different state, you may have different resources but those are a few things you can try. I hope you have a healthy pregnancy and are able to figure out everything with health care for you and your little one! 
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    Apply for medicaid or do the out of pocket cost. Out of pocket situations usually do a pay as you go scale. You pay for labs etc out of pocket. If they know you are paying out of pocket they will try to do as little as possible only what is needed. 
    I've had a baby 1 time with state insurance everything was free but man they charged the state astronomically. 
    I had one out of pocket. It was around 7,500 when all was said and done.
    I had one with insurance. It was 1200 a month and I still had fees. Out of pocket was cheaper and the insurance company was charged astronomically. 
    I had one with my works insurance and that one was again around 7,500 when all was said and done. 
    Midwife fees used to be around 3500 and are now closer to 5000. So if I went that route additionally added. 
    I excited to solely do midwife this go around. It will be around 4700 when all is said and done.

    Basically our healthcare/insurance system is a racket and paying out of pocket and without insurance is better. Even though, meh insurance is necessary and all. 
    They cannot deny you it is illegal. And if you take 30 years to pay your bill it does not affect your credit. 
    I really want to write a book about the different ways I've birthed when it comes to finances and insurance. 

    I hope you get in soon and congrats. 
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    +1 to applying for Medicaid and any programs your state offers for uninsured expectant mothers. I believe every state (even the not-friendly-to-birthing-people ones) offer free or low-cost health insurance if you’re pregnant. 
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