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Suspected Fetal Growth Restriction (looking for any positive stories)

Hi! I hope everyone is having a good day!
So, for some backstory, when I went in for my first 20-week anatomical ultrasound everything came back as normal, and our baby girl was measuring in the 75th percentile. This whole time I've been expecting her to be a big girl until I got some underwhelming news regarding my third trimester ultrasound.
Fast forward to my 30-week ultrasound, my baby has regressed to overall 26th percentile and her abdomen is measuring at 10th percentile. Doctor noted possible asymmetrical fetal growth restriction. Amniotic fluid appears normal, fetal heart rate 132, 8/8 on biophysical exam. Her estimated weight is 3lb 5oz at 30 weeks.
Doctor is having me come back for weekly ultrasounds to monitor babies' growth. She explained to me that we will have to monitor closely and if baby does not seem to be growing more than I will more than likely must get induced so that baby has a better chance of growing outside the uterus. Since her abdominal measurement hasn't fallen under 10% I don't have an official diagnosis. I'm praying her numbers go up.
I've done a lot of googling and I see that this condition is rare and that there is no way to reverse a case of
IUGR. I have been really anxious and wanted to see if anyone else in this group has any positive stories facing similar circumstances or if their babies ever caught up in growth?

Re: Suspected Fetal Growth Restriction (looking for any positive stories)

  • i had an ultrasound at 20 weeks and baby was measuring 52% ac measuring 53%. all around healthy and on track. yesterday i went in for my 26 week ultrasound and baby dropped to 25% and ac to 17%. it’s definitely not as drastic as yours, the doc wants to see me for another ultrasound in 3 weeks. i’m meant to be doing them every 4-6 weeks because of hashimoto’s (thyroid disease), but because of the drop she wants to see me a little more frequently. i’m worried that the percentile will continue to drop. sorry i don’t have any positivity to share, but we are in the same/similar boat. praying for us both <3
  • My nephew was undersized and not growing due to suspected fetal growth restriction, so my SIL was induced at 37wks. It was the right decision, he grew so quickly once they were able to get him on milk/formula. He turns 3 in October
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