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Anyone else doing a lot of shopping for baby?

I'm just over 18 weeks, and I don't know why, but I just have a shopping bug in me right now! We already have our stroller, glider, pack and play, bassinet, crib mattress, play mat, and a ton of other smaller baby gear and nursery items (in addition to lots of lovely unisex clothing since we're not finding out the gender). I've gotten some great deals on FB marketplace and our local Once Upon a Child, and when I see a great price for something, it makes it that much harder to wait for my baby showers!

My mom has been telling me I should leave things for other people to buy (especially since I'll be having three showers), but I've read so many stories about mamas getting almost nothing they registered for, and I just want to be prepared since at the end of the day, it's our responsibility to provide for our little one. I also feel like I'd rather spend the money on something I can get secondhand for a lot less (especially since I have expensive taste) than ask someone else to pay full retail for it.

What are you ladies doing? Have you started shopping yet, or are you holding off until after your baby showers?

PS: I'm working on getting my username changed - sorry I'm still a knottie!

Re: Anyone else doing a lot of shopping for baby?

  • Never too early to start! You never know when life’s going to throw you a curveball and baby come early. Leave a couple big things for people who will want to spoil you to get. Don’t buy too many clothes or other little supplies - those are things you’ll get in plenty. Remember you can also register for things that baby will need once he or she is a little bit older. 
  • I haven't... just a few outfits.  But I do have a lot of items from my 2yo. I still need a double stroller,  crib,  and another highchair. 
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  • I have been. We got rid of everything we had from our first two a few years ago so rebuying the essentials as I see good deals. I have a carrier, infant car seat, pack n play and a stroller my mom bought us so far
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