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IF Testing & Treatment w/o March 25

**This is a place for those of us who have already started TTC, but have started infertility testing and/or treatments. You can express your thoughts, feelings, and frustrations on infertility. TTC can be a long journey naturally, then add in the difficulties associated with infertility, and it becomes a whole new ballgame. The road to infertility can be lonely, frustrating, and complicated, so let's make this a place where we can vent, ask questions, and support one another. Feel free to resurrect this thread at any point in the week if you have something to say. Treat this as an ongoing conversation.

Diagnosis (if you've been):

Status (TI/ICI/IUI/IVF/FET/benched):

What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment?):

How are things going?:

Any questions?:

GTKY: What do you do to relax?

Re: IF Testing & Treatment w/o March 25

  • Diagnosis (if you've been): Unexplained

    Status (TI/ICI/IUI/IVF/FET/benched): Benched

    What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment?): Finishing up home study and starting matching process

    How are things going?: Good. I just submitted our family profile this morning. The home visit for our home study is at the end of this week. I’m excited to start the matching process!

    Any questions?: Nope

    GTKY: What do you do to relax? Read or, if I need to just shut my brain off for a bit, watch TV
  • Diagnosis (if you've been): low AMH, anti phospholipid syndrome and RPL

    Status (TI/ICI/IUI/IVF/FET/benched): off the bench after heart surgery! We got the official all clear yesterday after testing. My ejection fraction went from 43 to 72!!!! (Measure of how well your heart works.) best case scenario and 72 is perfect. The doctor said my heart now looks and is functioning “perfectly normally” so we are cleared for ivf on my next cycle and to try naturally this cycle. 

    What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment?): trying naturally and getting everything lined up for a fresh transfer next cycle. 

    How are things going?: feeling much better and more hopeful!!! 

    Any questions?:

    GTKY: What do you do to relax? Read. I read probably two to three books a week. 

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  • @britters314 What are you reading right now? I’ve just been grabbing staff recommendations off the shelf, so my current choice is a romance set in a fantasy world of witches and covens and magic. Not my usual, and I’m a little sheepish about how much I’m enjoying it ☺️

    @charmedlifex3 Welcome back! What amazing results!! Great to hear you’re healthy and cleared to proceed. How has recovery from the surgery been?

    Diagnosis (if you've been): Unexplained

    Status (TI/ICI/IUI/IVF/FET/benched): FET

    What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment?): FET

    How are things going?: We are officially on CD7 of our first FET! Did baseline labs and ultrasound on Monday and got cleared to proceed. Guessing I’ll ovulate early next week, so right now the top priorities are (1) manage anxiety and (2) nudge insurance to complete prior authorization on the trigger and progesterone prescriptions. I continue to swing between wildly overconfident about our chances and being convinced it won’t work—which is to say, feeling all of the usual emotions of TTC.

    Any questions?:

    GTKY: What do you do to relax? Take a long walk, read a good book, put on a favorite playlist. I typically just need a small distraction to get my mind to stop whirring for a bit. If we’re talking relaxation re: TTC, acupuncture has been a godsend.

  • @aisleofviewtwo I’m currently reading Iron Flame, which is part of the Empyrean series. It’s a fantasy/romance series and it’s pretty good
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