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TFAS w/o March 25

**If you are having a hard day re TTC or TTCAL, please note that this thread will discuss living children and/or issues specifically dealing with parenting and/or babies. Previous pregnancy experiences may also be mentioned. Please lurk at your own discretion.**

What number are you trying for?



Ages of other child(ren)?

Any thoughts about this cycle?

Any questions?


GTKY: If you celebrate Easter, what will you be putting in your kids’ Easter baskets/Easter eggs?

Re: TFAS w/o March 25

  • What number are you trying for? 3 (first two are adopted)

    Month/Cycle? Stopped counting


    Ages of other child(ren)? 5 and 6

    Any thoughts about this cycle? Benched this cycle 

    Any questions? Nope

    Rant/Rave? It’s spring break and it’s supposed to rain all day today and tomorrow, so we’ll see how that goes for us lol

    GTKY: If you celebrate Easter, what will you be putting in your kids’ Easter baskets/Easter eggs?
    I’m trying to think of non-candy ideas for the eggs. For baskets they are each getting a book, an action figure, and some Easter socks. And maybe I’ll get a chocolate rabbit or something too.
  • **TW loss and maybe graduating from our fertility years**

    Hey ladies.  I feel like this might be the most appropriate place to post.  I’ve been lurking from the shadows for several months and am popping back in after a D&C on Friday.  There was no HB at my 8w ultrasound last week and baby was measuring a week behind. It was pretty crushing with my history—this was loss #5, we’ve now been trying for over a year for #3 and could technically start down the fertility workup/treatment road but we aren’t going to.  I’m 37, have known PCOS and hypothyroidism (new in the last 2 years) and after a full repeat loss and infertility work up right before  we got pregnant with #2 they presumed MTHFR but ultimately unexplained infertility.

    We just had no indication anything was wrong.  I was doing and taking all the right things.  My progesterone level even before I started suppositories was great, I was on inositol for PCOS plus low dose aspirin and extra folate for presumed MTHFR, and my TSH has been stable for several months now.  I had all the correct symptoms and nothing concerning.

    I’m incredibly thankful they were able to move so quickly because the movers are here packing boxes as I type this.  We are moving to a new state and deployments are entering our lives again for the next couple of years, and it seems like this might be the natural end of our trying.  I’m simultaneously feeling so thankful and undeserving for getting to walk away with such full arms with the two kids we do have, so relieved at the thought of closing this 9-year chapter (we started this in 2015 👩🏼‍🦳).  And yet the prospect of letting go of the all the baby things we’d no longer need keeps jabbing me that this world is so broken and this isn’t fair.

    Thanks for letting me vent, thanks for letting me pop in and out at different points on our journey the last year, and wishing you all the best in your journeys ❤️

    @britters314 FX all goes well with the home study and all goes smoothly moving forward!

    GTKY: waterproof field guides to birds and plants in our new state, new short-sleeve tees they needed since the avg temp will go up 15 degrees when we move, and a couple small playdoh cars.
    me . early 30's | h . mid 30's | < 3 . 2013

    ntnp #2 . summer 2018

    *siggy warning*

    ttc#1 . jul 2015
    mmc . mar 2016 | 6w2d
    dx PCOS (non-IR) / subclinical hypothyroidism . summer 2016
    tx metformin, levothyroxine, LP progesterone, femara + trigger + ti . fall/winter 2016
    BFP! . jan 2017
    DD . oct 2017

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  • @virginiaham I’m so sorry for your loss and I’m sorry that it means the end of TTC for you guys. We will definitely miss seeing your posts here and you’ll be happily welcomed back if you change your mind and decide to TTC again. Good luck with your move and with the next chapter of your life!
  • What number are you trying for? 3rd living child

    Month/Cycle? It’s been two years trying give or take


    Ages of other child(ren)? 3/7

    Any thoughts about this cycle? We are cleared to TTc after a procedure on my heart a few weeks ago. 

    Any questions?

    Rant/Rave? My heart went from 43 to 72 on my EF! That’s phenomenal. The doctor said to me this week “your heart is functionally completely normal and in great shape.” 
    Huge relief after being in heart failure a few years ago, and reduced function in Feb. 

    GTKY: If you celebrate Easter, what will you be putting in your kids’ Easter baskets/Easter eggs
    my daughter has severe allergies so no whey chocolate bunny, and maple syrup candy for eggs. Plus a video game for my son and tonies for my toddler. 

    @virgini@virginiaham I’m so sorry for your loss. We had four losses as well last year and it’s absolutely brutal. Sending healing thoughts your way, and we are here if you decided to visit for any reason. 

  • @britters314 one year I put piggy banks in the baskets and put change in the eggs! 

  • bluecampanulabluecampanula member
    edited March 28
    @virginiaham so sorry for your loss!

    What number are you trying for?#5

    Month/Cycle? 3?/4


    Ages of other child(ren)? 11, 9, 6, 1

    Any thoughts about this cycle? Not really. 

    Any questions?

    Rant/Rave? Spent the last week being sick and taking care of very sick kids, so glad to be moving on from that. 

    GTKY: we do celebrate Easter, but I've never done Easter baskets 🫣 I have put change in Easter eggs for them before. Stickers would be another idea? Or those little parachute guys? My littlest is all about rubber ducks, I wonder if the small ones would fit. We've had treasure hunt themed birthday parties before with fake coins and jewels, those might be fun (and get reused around here for pretend play)
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