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Too scared to test

Period is 8-10 days late, however, that's not unheard of for me (not common though!) and I can tell when I ovulated.  But I've been feeling some pretty heavy naseau and cramping that isn't leading to periods and both of those are not normal for me.  

Obviously I'm lurking here since I have a suspicion but I'm too afraid to test and get a negative when I so desperately want a positive.  Doesn't help that I'm working 70 hour weeks right now and live in a small town.  If I go buy a test there's a 90% chance the cashier will be someone I know and don't want that!  I can't get hubby to do it as I don't want to trigger his anxiety with a "maybe". 

Sorry for the rant!  I've had suspicions before and been proven wrong, I just needed to get it out. 

Re: Too scared to test

  • Can you order tests online for home delivery? A missed period IS a pregnancy symptom, but at this stage the only way to know you’re pregnant will be a test; I don’t see another way around it.

    Good luck!
  • If your period is sometimes 8-10 days late, you don’t know when you ovulated. How are you confirming ovulation?
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  • Yeah, you can't be '8-10 days late' if you know when you O'd.... speaking from someone who has 28-59 day long cycles.  If you suspect you are PG, take a test.  You can order them online or go out of town to buy a test.  If you are PG enough to feel symptoms, you are PG enough to turn a test positive.  Negative tests happen, unless you get them for years upon years when you're actively tracking and trying to get PG, you shouldn't be afraid of them.  If you want a better control over your own body, and not have to worry about testing as much and seeing a negative, you should read Taking Charge of Your Fertility, start basal body temping, and follow that.  It would narrow down when you O'd, allow you to know when you may or may not be fertile, and allow you to avoid taking a test unless you had elevated temperatures for 18 days post-O and know that your chances of getting a positive at that point is exceptionally high.

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