2nd Trimester

14 weeks and itchy bumps all over!

Hi I’m 36 pregnant with my second. (First is 9) I don’t remember much of my first pregnancy and yesterday I start d getting what I thought were bug bites but they are not and nothing seems to stop the itch. It will be on my arm then hours later my legs and hands and feet then hours later moves to other parts of my body. I’m exhausted and my OBGYN is closed, anyone have an idea if it’s pregnancy related? 

Re: 14 weeks and itchy bumps all over!

  • virtaurvirtaur member
    Maybe hives? Pregnancy can make you develop new allergies. Your OB should have a nurse or on call line for after hours? 
  • Yes OB said hives and sent me to ER. I’ll update once ER gives me some answers 🙏
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  • Allergic reaction to food or drink. They told me my food allergies may have changed with this pregnancy. Last kid I developed so many food allergies. Rip  I’ll miss food Lmao 
  • So glad you're OK. Bummer about the food. Do they go away after baby? Or the gift that keeps giving? 
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