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Right upper abdominal pain

Has anyone had abdominal pain in your right side, under your ribs? Wondering if it’s babys foot or something concerning as it can be preeclampsia, helpp or liver issues. 

Re: Right upper abdominal pain

  • I've definitely had a foot in my ribs, but I could also feel it moving around, so I was quite confident that was what it was. I'm all for calling the nurse line at the OB for anything I'm not totally confident is normal. They're good about letting you know if your symptoms are concerning or not, and you're definitely far from the first who will have called them to be told it's probably nothing. 

  • nken20nken20 member
    I had before, but just to be certain, I called my nurse and she did an examination. Gave me a peace of mind. You too.
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