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Wearable Pumps

I have a spectra that I plan on using primarily for pumping, but when I go back to work I will need a wearable pair. With my first I had the spectra12 and wore them into the ground fairly quickly. Anyone else have recommendations? I’m a nurse in the hospital and need something that will last multiple times a shift. Thanks in advance!

Re: Wearable Pumps

  • sph97sph97 member
    I used my Willow Gos daily for 2-3 pumps a day at work (I’m a teacher) I was able to make copies and move around, just be careful handing over.
    i didn’t get as much output as my wall pump but I was able to produce enough to breastfeed for 20 months (I stopped pumping at 1 year) 
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  • I used Freemie cups with a spectra s9 with my last child (5 years ago). And it was great because at the time I was a pharmacy manager who often worked alone and couldn’t leave to pump. It was very discreet for the most part and the output was always the same as regular for me. I’m sure the tech has even come along much further since then 
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