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Hcg rise

Hello all! I am 4 weeks 5 days pregnant with my second child but first IVF baby. My Hcg levels on 4w1d was 480, 4w3d was 1294, and now today 4w5d it was 3767. Has anyone had their hcg this high this early? Is this signs of twins? I only had one embryo transferred. Just curious what others have experienced in early pregnancy like this. I go next week for an early ultrasound. Thanks in advance!

Re: Hcg rise

  • I also did IVF (FET) this time around. This will be my 3rd kid but the first time doing IVF. 

    My hcg was 230 10 days after the transfer and then 1149 13 days after the transfer 4.9x 72 hrs later) Only 1 baby went in. My Dr said hcg is all over the place and I likely didnt have twins. Some of the other IVF boards also look like women will have high hcg with just 1 baby. US will be the true test!! Good luck! How many weeks will you be?
  • My hcg was pretty high: 3/7 (4 weeks 1 day) 959, 3/9 = 2382, 3/14 ( 5 weeks 1 day) 14,617.
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