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Quiet on Set

Have any of you seen the "Quiet on Set" documentary on MAX? Your thoughts....?

I was sooo uncomfortable watching it. I was disgusted. I was angry. How? How does this happen?  

How do those of you with older kids do phones and tech? I'm not there yet. Always want to be as prepared as possible.

Do you post your children online? Public or private? How do you feel about AI? 

These things terrify me as a parent. 

Re: Quiet on Set

  • hspghspg member
    have not a have not seen it and do not have older children, just a 1 year old. Also curious to see other’s perspectives. For now we don’t have any streaming platforms, just DVDs so we control our children’s media intake and I plan to run with that for as long as possible. If I can hold off on giving them a smart phone until high school then I will. I teach high school and have seen such deterioration and desensitization over 10 years. Also I do not post my children online and ask everyone else to do the same, thankfully my wishes have been respected.
  • @hspg teaching high-school in this climate, I'm sure you have so many stories. Bless you. 🙌 I could not do it!!! 
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  • OMG same, I was horrified! I will only post my children privately and only allow photo permission to the apps I trust. There are some bedtime story apps where you upload the photo of your child and it creates stories where your child is the main character. My friends recommend it and tell me it is safe.
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