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Loose Tooth!!

So my oldest is 3.5 years old. He is with his grandparents this weekend and grandmother called us last night saying he was saying there's something going on with his tooth, so she checked and his front bottom tooth is loose! He has not hit his chin or mouth recently (to our knowledge, he's toppled a couple times b/c toddler but hasn't said anything about him hurting or his tooth bothering him till now). Any other parents' 3 year old lose a tooth?? He'll go see our dentist Monday to be on the safe side but I'm curious if anyone else's child lost a tooth this early!

Re: Loose Tooth!!

  • virtaurvirtaur member
    My son got his teeth early but as far as I know doesn’t have any loose ones yet. I think I saw online that they can lose them early
  • aepelo5aepelo5 member
    He got his first couple early too. We talked with a family friend that's a dentist and we're advised if it becomes looser to see our dentist but he more than likely bumped it and it could tighten back up.
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