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First one here?

I've gotten a faint second line, and that's always meant pregnancy for me! Estimated due date is Dec 1st, and this will be our 4th child. I've had a few mc as well, but I think we've figured out the problems and this one will be our 4th healthy baby. We were trying to prevent and have mixed emotions about having a 4th so soon. 
This is just my little introduction to this group, once it becomes a group. 
My kids ages are 5, 3, and 9 months. 

Re: First one here?

  • we are currently TTC #4, I’m pretty sure we were successful ! But I have to wait another week to test! so exciting 🥰
  • chiko98chiko98 member
    My EDD is December 1st too! This will be our first. 
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  • EDD December 1st. This is my 2nd pregnancy after a 2nd trimester loss last October. Praying for Healthy pregnancy and baby to term. 🤞🙏
  • EDD is 12/1 for me as well! We got a faint positive at 12 DPO. 🥰

    Since we are all starting to get those big fat positives rolling in, I made a discord group for all of us new expecting mothers. I’m hoping that by making an intuitive and easy group, we can interact more.

    Discord group:

    If you’re not familiar with discord, it’s an app or web based server that has tons of channels. It’s easy to keep track and share important moments while building a community.
  • EDD Dec 9th! 
  • I just wanted to check back in and say, that faint positive has been followed by a bunch more, slowly getting darker! So baby #4 is officially on the way! Not sure how I feel about it. We're going to have 4 5 and under for a couple months. In a 2 bedroom house. But I know years ago this would have been much more normal, and we are so blessed to have everything we need! It's just feels strange to me!
  • It's really fun how many of us share this due date!
  • 12-1 is my EDD as well! 
  • Hi all, first time mom. EDD Dec 5th. Excited to be able to talk about it with others here since we won’t tell our family until closer to Mother’s Day.
  • teejo27teejo27 member
    12/1 EDD for me as well! 🎉
  • 1st time mom and we got pregnant in the first month of trying. My due date is around Dec 11th. My pregnancy test that I took at 4 weeks was a dark line that showed up almost immediately. I took multiple tests across 3 days to be certain. So far only mild nausea, sore breasts, super mild cramping and some back pain. Super excited but haven't told anyone other than my husband.
  • @annemarie96 we will have 8 in a 3 bedroom. Truthfully it's been easier on us because it's less rooms to clean and forces us to be a but more intentional with belongings! 
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
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