1st Trimester

Needing HCG reassurance….

I know that every pregnancy is different, but I could use some honest words of hope, reassurance, or your own story. My first pregnancy I had a BHCG level done 4 days after my missed period and it was 587. I had a positive pregnancy test 10DPO this pregnancy and had a BHCG level tested on the day before I was supposed to get my period (12DPO). I got my results back today and it’s 38. Anything less than 25 is consider not prevent, so I’m extremely sick at the thought that my BHCG is so low that this may not be a viable pregnancy. I had it retested today but likely won’t have the results until after the weekend. I am incredibly sick to my stomach. None of my pregnancy tests have been dark, they’ve all been super faint. Yesterday morning I was barely able to see a line. I am sick at the thought that my BHCG won’t increase enough and I will miscarry. I can’t stop worrying and crying. I am looking for words of affirmation or if needed, the bold truth. Please share your stories and wisdom….
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