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Baby measuring behind

I am currently 7.5 weeks pregnant.. my first ultrasound was vaginally at 5 weeks 4 days due to some pain, and all ways measuring normal- the sac was seen in the right location. Next ultrasound was vaginally at 7 weeks on the dot, and I was measuring 6 weeks, fetal pole was detected and heartbeat could be seen, not heard. Today I am 7.5 weeks and had a belly ultrasound and am still measuring 6 weeks, still have a heartbeat... I was wondering if anyone has ever been in the same boat and what the outcome was? Thank you!

Re: Baby measuring behind

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    With my first I measured 3 weeks what my LMP said I would be, I had an irregular cycle. Generally, in the first trimester providers go with the ultrasound dating if there is over a week discrepancy in due dates.
  • Did they comment on the size staying the same? Just curious
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