Pregnant after a Loss

Hcg doubling time getting faster? Very anxious

Hi, I'm new here. I had 2 miscarriages this past year and was diagnosed with PCOS. I recently got pregnant and am being monitored by RE and my hcg doubling times keep getting shorter and it is concerning me. They are as follows:

11 DPO - 29.4

13 DPO - 58.86

15 DPO - 138

20 DPO - 1739

This means my doubling time went from roughly 48 hours to 39 hours to now less than 33 hours. I know this is within the normal range still, but isn't doubling time supposed to get longer as the hcg rises? I read that this could mean a molar pregnancy, which really freaks me out. The nurse didn't seem concerned on the phone and I have another blood draw and ultrasound scheduled for this afternoon, but I am freaking out. Anyone with a similar experience or fast doubling times?

Update to add: I was bleeding the first few days and my progesterone was low, so I started progesterone suppositories between the first 2 blood draws. The bleeding seems to have stopped and progesterone improved. I'm not sure if this would affect my numbers at all
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