1st Trimester

Has anyone else had pregnant depression

Hi ladies

I am struggling this is my third baby and I think I may have pregnancy depression however I didn’t have it with my first to the guilt I’m feeling is unreal how I’m feeling about life right now is unreal I’m so low I just want to hide away please can someone give advice or talk to be if you have been here before

Re: Has anyone else had pregnant depression

  • Hi friend. 
    I’m in the same boat. This is my first pregnancy but the depression has hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s been hard to do much of anything this last week or two. You’re not alone ❤️
    I just downloaded the Finch app to give it a try but not sure how well it’ll work for me. I’ll keep you updated if it’s helpful. Feel free to chat any time: the hormones are raging, the exhaustion is exhausting, and yet most people have no clue you’re pregnant. I gotchu momma.
  • I’m sorry ur feeling this way it’s horrible and by the sounds of things we’re feeling the same things. All I wanna do is sleep. What is the finch app? I am here for you if you need to talk to. Only a message away. I’m here for u x
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  • Finch is a self care app that helps motivate me to complete simple tasks. You end up taking care of a little bird by completing daily tasks (I.e. getting out of bed, washing your face, cleaning 10 dishes). So far it’s been helping a bit. There’s even a “first aid” kit that has tips to help you on your hardest days. It’s working for me, you might want to give it a try 
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