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UPPAbaby Remi Playard - Bassinet?!

Hello! We got the UPPAbaby Remi Travel Crib and Playard thinking it would be a good investment since we could use the bassinet the first ~6 months and later use the playard... and avoid buying a separate bassinet. Now that we're getting closer to our due date, we're second guessing whether or not the bassinet should be used as a full-time bassinet for overnight sleeping (the mattress doesn't seem that comfortable?).  Or if the Remi is just intended for travel situations and the bassinet should be used only sparingly. We're first-time parents... so any help/advice would be appreciated!! 

Re: UPPAbaby Remi Playard - Bassinet?!

  • I’d just check what the manufacturer says. I imagine if it’s good enough for travel it’s good enough for all the time. Infant mattresses in general are pretty uncomfortable/hard. It’s best sleep practices that they are on a  firm mattress to avoid suffocating in their sleep. I know it’s hard to not to want to give them something soft but it’s supposed to be safest for them and trust me they sleep fine on a hard mattress.  I can’t believe we are getting so close to April! 
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