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IF Testing & Treatment w/o Mar 18

**This is a place for those of us who have already started TTC, but have started infertility testing and/or treatments. You can express your thoughts, feelings, and frustrations on infertility. TTC can be a long journey naturally, then add in the difficulties associated with infertility, and it becomes a whole new ballgame. The road to infertility can be lonely, frustrating, and complicated, so let's make this a place where we can vent, ask questions, and support one another. Feel free to resurrect this thread at any point in the week if you have something to say. Treat this as an ongoing conversation.

Diagnosis (if you've been):

Status (TI/ICI/IUI/IVF/FET/benched):

What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment?):

How are things going?:

Any questions?:

GTKY: What’s your current guilty pleasure?

Re: IF Testing & Treatment w/o Mar 18

  • Diagnosis (if you've been): Unexplained

    Status (TI/ICI/IUI/IVF/FET/benched): Benched

    What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment?): Home study and hopefully starting on the matching process 

    How are things going?: Good. Right now the only thing we need to focus on is finishing up our family profile. Our home visit is in about a week and a half and then we can get started on the matching process.

    Any questions?: Nope

    GTKY: What’s your current guilty pleasure?
    I don’t know if I have one right now. For a while recently it was watching the show Dance Moms. I started binging it when it was put on Disney+, but I had to stop watching it because it stopped giving me pleasure lol. So I guess it’s not a guilty pleasure anymore
  • @britters314 How much information do you get to put in a family profile? Do you feel like there’s enough room to show your personality? I feel like that’s the hardest part of a profile, especially when they’re short.

    Diagnosis (if you've been): Unexplained

    Status (TI/ICI/IUI/IVF/FET/benched): FET

    What are you doing this cycle? (Testing? Treatment?): prepping for FET

    How are things going?: They’re going again, woohoo! Had a nice chat with my RE yesterday, my last dose of OCP is tonight, and then we’ll kick off a transfer cycle with CD1 early next week. Feels so, so good to finally be here.

    Since we’re unexplained (i.e. no obvious/observable issues with ovulation or lining development) they’ve recommended a natural cycle. So observation as my body prepares to ovulate, a small trigger to help confirm timing of ovulation, then FET exactly 7 days later. I’m mostly just relieved that my RE allows vaginal progesterone with this protocol, I was dreading the idea of 12 weeks of daily injections 😅

    Any questions?:

    GTKY: What’s your current guilty pleasure? I’m a sucker for reality TV, most recently re-watching Top Chef and Project Runway. I’ve only seen the first season of Love is Blind, but have to admit I enjoyed it—and all the chatter about the drama of the most recent season is making me think I need to go back for more!

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  • @aisleofviewtwo We can put in as much information as we want, but we were told to keep most things short and sweet. We were given guidelines and it said to have about 2-6 pages. I think it shows our personalities pretty well. If we were doing a domestic infant adoption, though, I would be worried about whether or not our profile will stand out from all the others. But for embryo adoption, there are more placing families than adopting families. Plus, at least with the agency we are working with, placing families are only shown one profile at a time. So I'm not too worried about it.
  • @britters314 that’s great, way more space than I was imagining! I also didn’t realize those were the ratios for embryo adoption. FX for a quick and happy pairing with a donor!
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