1st Trimester

I’m so confused

Hi everyone I’m a little bit confused at the minute I have an appointment with my doctors this week I found out I’m 2 days ago I just don’t no when I actually conceive my last full period was in December and in January my period lasted 1 day in February I was very nauseous and only had a light period 1/2 days no period in march as that when I found out did I convince in December or when

Re: I’m so confused

  • In instances like this, they will probably order an ultrasound to get an approximate gestation age.  
  • You may have had implantation bleeding. I do with every pregnancy which makes pin pointing dates challenging. When you have your US even if you have the exact date figured out they will go off of how baby is measuring. Everyone ovulated at different points in their cycles. Congratulations!!! 
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