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Advice needed, I’m so anxious 😭

I am 6 weeks today & this will be my first child. I had a chemical last cycle so am so afraid of loss.

Last night/this morning my symptoms went from 100 to 10.

I didn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee (I’ve been having to 1-3x a night last week or so), my boob pain is almost gone, I’m not as fatigued as I have been….

I stupidly took a pregnancy test (cheapie all I have left - Pregmate) this morning and it is LIGHTER than last weeks final tests/dye stealers. I know it could be hook effect but still..

Ob says lack of symptoms or changes like this isn’t cause for concern but I’m so scared of another loss.

Should I be concerned ☹️😭😭 I wouldn’t be as worried but they’ve been pretty consistent and it’s like a complete 180 in symptoms and very suddenly.

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    Maybe it's something in the air because I have not spoken to so many women who have had little to no symptoms or a complete 180 in symptoms as I have recently. I have 6 friends all pregnant at the same time. We are all due near eachother. It's 2 girls firsts. The rest of us have multiples at home. Only one has had extreme symptoms and she was an IVF patient pregnant with twins. All the rest of us are nearly symptom free. And those of us that have had babies never were before with any of ours. Soo strange. But we are all doing well everytime we go in. Hopefully this helps you find some peace. I know seeing that little bean on the US and hearing that heart beat are the only true reassurance, but until then I hope this helps. 

Re: Advice needed, I’m so anxious 😭

  • Symptoms come and go. There is no right or wrong. Believe your doctor.  The only symptom that really matters is a missed period (though some people bleed through pregnancy). All the other stuff you hear about how terrible pregnancy symptoms are its not talked about as much when you are not experiencing them.  

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  • Have you continued to have light symptoms? I'm curious because I had a similar experience about halfway through week 6. I started having a bit more energy, able to eat easier, and a bit less breast soreness. I even had a lighter line on my Pregmate test, too. Hope you and baby are doing well!
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