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Anterior Placenta - When did you feel movement/flutters?

I am 18 weeks, almost 19. I have been told my placenta is anterior which I know can mean you feel things much later. I've had maybe 1 or 2 occasions where I've had what I think is a flutter, but nothing very strong at all. Is this normal? First pregnancy.

When did people with anterior placentas start feeling flutters? Then when did it become more obvious they were definitely clear movements?

Should I be worried at this point that I've only felt slight flutters maybe once or twice? I see so many people saying they felt stuff from 15/16 weeks and it's made me a bit anxious.

Thanks everyone xx 

Re: Anterior Placenta - When did you feel movement/flutters?

  • Hi! I think what you’re feeling is very normal. This is my first pregnancy and I’m about 23 weeks now with an anterior placenta. I did start feeling very occasional kicks on the side around 16/17 weeks but really started feeling them consistently around 21 weeks in the front. It’s not “10 kicks every two hours” but it’s increasing frequency all of the time. I’ve heard many women say that they don’t feel it until 24 weeks with an anterior placenta, so I wouldn’t worry about it. I also don’t think they have you start counting kicks until 28 weeks or so, so you have plenty of time. 
  • I had an anterior placenta last trimester and didn’t feel kicks until 23-ish weeks! 
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  • And my last trimester I meant last pregnancy 😂, talk about mom brain 
  • nr1995nr1995 member
    Thanks ladies, that's reassuring. I see so many people talking about getting loads of flutters and because I've only had that once maybe twice it's really worrying me but I guess everyone is different! With it being my 1st pregnancy I don't really know what to look out for either
  • Although I don't feel that way can you tell me exactly what it's like?
  • With anterior I felt it later. It was my 3rd and during the covid chaos so they wouldn't get me in. I ended up going to a friend who does US to see if all was well as I hadn't felt baby by 15 weeks and that was not normal for me. She found him right away and I found out I had an anterior placenta that time around and it all made sense. 
    I had horrible back labor with him. I did not have it in the same way with my first 2 babies. 

    Hopefully this helps ease your concerns. I know I was very worried when I experienced this. 

    When I finally did feel him move he did not stop he was my roller. I was sure he'd be all wrapped up in his cord... and he was!
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