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Baby measuring small at 8-week ultrasound

Hello! I had an ultrasound on Friday, which would've made me 8 weeks pregnant based on LMP. Since I got my ultrasound done at an ultrasound place and not by my doctor, the tech couldn't tell me how many weeks/days baby was measuring, but she did say that baby looked small for 8 weeks pregnant. They did detect a heartbeat (122-126 BPM) and I could hear it, which was reassuring, but I'm just nervous about baby being so small. I didn't have an ultrasound with my son until he was 12 weeks, so maybe I just don't know what baby at this stage should look like, but it made me nervous! Anyone have any positive experiences with baby measuring small at 8 weeks? Thanks in advance!

Re: Baby measuring small at 8-week ultrasound

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    I'm on my 3rd pregnancy measuring behind. 1st was fine. Second was fine born a little smaller and he had double inguinal hernias but super healthy. A quick surgery and all is well. I am measuring behind again this time. I'm not worried about that. The US have been right half my pregnancies and wrong the other half. A great tool not always accurate. Hope this helps you find some peace. 
  • This is why I despise these places.  There is no one medically able to tell you what's going on or if there is a true concern.  

    At this time, be reassured you saw the heartbeat.  Please seek advice from your doctor with your concerns.  
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